Index of pkgsrc-bugs for April, 2004

04/01/2004 pkg/25005: pkg/25007: sysutils/xosview fails to build pkg/25008: ocaml doesn't build tcl/tk stuff pkg/25009: ocaml package should split off tcl/tk support pkg/25011: devel/subversion/patches/patch-ae broken for subversion-1.0.1 pkg/25012: gtk2 fails to build pkg/25013: heimdal-0.6.1 pkg/25015: htdig should use -H option to /usr/bin/sort pkg/25016: lintpkgsrc -i chokes on x11/gnome2-applets/Makefile
tomas.furmonavicius@ pkg/25023: Lithuanian dictionary for ispell pkg/25027: pkgsrc/graphics/plotutils-nox11 does not make use of ${AWK}
adrianp@stindustries pkg/25029: updated package: net/snort pkg/25030: devel/glade2 can be compiled without gnome; create the package
04/03/2004 pkg/25034: missing file in devel/GConf2/PLIST
Hanspeter Roth pkg/25037: user ppp from pkgsrc doesn't connect to isdnd pkg/25040: make update/install openssl 0.9.6m fails pkg/25043: pkgsrc/archivers/arc does not compile on Linux
Christian Biere pkg/25044: Bash has current working directory in PATH by default
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25045: p5-GDTextUtil (current) doesn't configure pkg/25047: audio/libsndfile depends on gcc3 pkg/25048: new p5-Tk always core dumps
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25049: suse_base (current) doesn't package
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25051: rosegarden (current) doesn't package pkg/25052: kdebase has no netbsd support in kicker/applets/naughty
Bruce J.A. Nourish pkg/25054: wm/openbox libtool breakage
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25055: suse_xforms (current) doesn't package
ole.hellqvist@spray. pkg/25056: automake17 -don't know how to make pkg/25057: pkgsrc/lang/perl58 does not compile on non-Mipspro IRIX systems
04/05/2004 pkg/25059: support DEPENDS_TARGET="install clean"
dieter.NetBSD@pandor pkg/25064: update p5-Apache-DBI to version 0.94
mason@acheron.middle pkg/25066: Perl/Tk package causes Perl to dump core
04/06/2004 pkg/25067: fetchmail+ssl not working pkg/25069: perl is unable to build modules with locale set pkg/25074: gnome2-games missing librsvg2-gtk2 dependency pkg/25075: p5-DBD-mysql-2.1017 fails to install
04/07/2004 pkg/25078: /usr/pkgsrc/www/htmllint causes a checksum error
pollen@astrakan.hig. pkg/25082: databases/php4-mysql doesn't build on solaris
pollen@astrakan.hig. pkg/25083: devel/libnet doesn't build on Solaris 2.9 pkg/25088: recursive pkg dependencies are back, for the wrong reasons pkg/25089: htmllint does NOT work well pkg/25090: wm/ctwm has bison vs yacc problems on Solaris2.8
jschauma@netmeister. pkg/25093: gcc-2.95.3 broken under -current
04/08/2004 pkg/25091: print/ggv2 dumps core pkg/25092: another missing file in devel/GConf2/PLIST
pierre.bourgin@pcote pkg/25100: www/ap-perl 1.25 (mod_perl) does not work with apache-1.3.29 and/or
Peter.Bex@student.ku pkg/25101: lang/mzscheme and lang/drscheme out of date
Martin Wallner pkg/25102: postfix in pkg-system does not build (unknows system = pkg/25107: Some text labels/items in Sylpheed's interface appear as rows of box
jschauma@netmeister. pkg/25109: buildlink under IRIX not buildlinking
Iain Hibbert pkg/25111: IceWM help does not work pkg/25116: devel/apache-ant15 fails to fetch pkg/25117: mail/sylpheed doesn't compile
ctribo@college.dtcc. pkg/25119: GTK2 2.4.0 build fails with can't link to Pango pkg/25120: mail/postfix build fails if POSTFIX_USE_LDAP == YES
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/25121: mail/grepmail is missing a dependancy
adrianp@stindustries pkg/25123: broken package: audio/libogg pkg/25127: net/snort doesn't builds on OpenBSD
dholland@eecs.harvar pkg/25130: elm hang on invalid inbox
dieter.NetBSD@pandor pkg/25132: databases/p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder too old (for rt3)
Kimmo Suominen pkg/25134: apache 1.3.29nb2 fails to compile pkg/25135: gtk2 fails to build (stock_add_16.png)
04/11/2004 pkg/25133: p5-GD 'Abort's under 2.0. Fine under 1.6.x.
Neil Booth pkg/25136: New package: sysutils/runit pkg/25137: new package submission
Neil Booth pkg/25140: New package sysutils/socklog pkg/25141: IRIX 6.5.20 /usr/bsd/zcat forces compress (.Z) pkg/25142: cyclic dependancy for x11-links
anssix@nic-nac-proje pkg/25144: lout: unable to initialize collation
04/12/2004 pkg/25147: pkgsrc on irix, perl5 / perl58 do not build with (freeware) gcc pkg/25149: openoffice fails to build
Neil Booth pkg/25153: Upgrade sysutils/daemontools to 0.76
Neil Booth pkg/25154: New package net/ipsvd
Kimmo Suominen pkg/25158: smokeping 1.28 and 1.19 dump core w/ perl 5.8.3
Jonathan pkg/25161: Define conflict in pkgsrc/x11/gnome-libs
adrianp@stindustries pkg/25163: updated package: devel/p5-Term-ReadLine
Hauke Fath pkg/25165: mail/mailman package incomplete pkg/25169: update pkg mail/cue pkg/25172: can't find the newest icu src file
04/14/2004 pkg/25175: postfix build failure on Linux (db lossage) pkg/25176: postfix-current build failure on Linux (db lossage) pkg/25179: cue will not build
Vincent Freetype2, the bug explained pkg/25183: update bmp 0.9.6 to, patch included
derrick@spider.givex pkg/25184: package for Nagios(netsaint)
04/15/2004 pkg/25187: "make update" broken after removal of recursive dependencies pkg/25190: epiphany and galeon-devel crash when using SSL features
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25194: pkg_add gnustep-base (current) doesn't work (quick-patch included)
Iain Hibbert pkg/25195: wm/icewm feature not quite working right
04/16/2004 pkg/25197: graphics/transcode permission problem
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25198: gdm1 (current) doesn't build
Simon Hitzemann pkg/25203: New Package: libsidplay-2.1.0
Simon Hitzemann pkg/25205: New Package sidplay-2.0.8 pkg/25206: gnustep-gui will not compile pkg/25209: x11/gtk2-theme-switch doesn't build with gtk+-2.4 pkg/25213: pkgsrc/misc/lv now works on NetBSD/sparc64
daniel@maywallacedes pkg/25214: For some packages, make fails with error in mk/
04/18/2004 pkg/25219: ...pkgsrc/audio/arts can't find "qt-mt" library at config time. pkg/25220: comms/kermit vendor archive changed pkg/25221: pkg pkg/25222: patch for pkglint (more checks on patch files)
space7@meinberlikomm pkg/25225: updated pkg thunderbird 0.5 (from pkgsrc-wip), patch included pkg/25228: xpdf crashes with new t1lib pkg/25230: pkgsrc: lang/smalltalk 2.1.4 doesnot compile with libtool 1.5.2 pkg/25229: "pkg_admin check" should be less verbose per default
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25232: mad declares itself to belong to meta-pkgs
04/19/2004 pkg/25233: mail/mailman doesn't build right on Darwin
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/25237: package for gqview-gtk1 requested
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25241: gnustep-preferences (current) doesn't build
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25242: devhelp (current) doesn't build pkg/25248: LUA is compiled with certain flags that breaks some scripts
04/20/2004 pkg/25247: mail/cyrus-imapd22 fails to build on -current if BDB_TYPE == native pkg/25249: editors/xemacs won't compile on FreeBSD 5.2.1, fix attached pkg/25250: cksum mismatch for x11/xfce4-gtk2-engines pkg/25252: tnftp doesn't build on Darwin 7.3.0 due to compatability poll()
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/25255: devel/cvsup{,-gui}-bin has absurd DISTSUBDIR pkg/25256: patch for mail/cyrus-imapd22 segfaults (lmtpd, pop3d)
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/25257: games/neverball distinfo file does not match current distfile
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/25258: math/mathomatic distinfo file does not match current distfile pkg/25264: bootstrap failure on FreeBSD 5.2.1
04/21/2004 pkg/25259: extra `$' in pkgtools/pkg_tarup pkg/25268: mplayer can't find X11 libs pkg/25272: time/py-mxDateTime fails compile under Darwin
netbsd-install@home. pkg/25274: blt (current) doesn't build w/ tcl 8.4.6 pkg/25278: ap-perl causes apache coredump
04/22/2004 pkg/25280: update audio/rhythmbox to 0.8.1 pkg/25282: make update UPDATE_TARGET=bin-install not working pkg/25283: No bootstrap for recent FreeBSD OS on pkg/25284: make pkg_install packageable
space7@meinberlikomm pkg/25287: new pkg, security/gnupg13 pkg/25290: pkg_install-20040421 won't build pkg/25291: sysutils/aperture: can't install docs
04/24/2004 pkg/25300: Cannot compile pkgsrc/wm/fluxbox by internal compiler error pkg/25301: audio/bmp: OSS output plugin does not work pkg/25302: xpm bl3 file does not define BUILDLINK_PREFIX.xpm pkg/25304: pkgsrc/security/gnutls does not create necessary directory pkg/25306: pkgsrc/print/pdflib does not honor $SED
04/25/2004 pkg/25313: pkgsrc/gmaes/zombies does not install on systems with non-BSD instal
jneitzel@sdf.lonesta pkg/25314: pkgsrc/shells/osh - upstream release is at 040421 pkg/25317: spurious "No more PTYs" from screen
algernon@bonehunter. pkg/25318: updated package: www/thy pkg/25322: security/openssh - sshd should be compiled with support for MD5 pass
andy.ball@earthlink. pkg/25323: gnumeric package in pkgsrc seems to be looking gtk1+ and not finding pkg/25324: x11/kdelibs3 pkg/25325: pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-links removal does not work pkg/25326: net/wget doesn't find SSL stuff on Darwin pkg/25327: kdebase3 pkg/25328: kdebase3
04/26/2004 pkg/25338: pkgsrc/games/gnugo does not say it needs glib pkg/25341: gnutls doesn't make directories it needs before installing
04/27/2004 pkg/25334: can't compile www/mozilla-gtk2 pkg/25342: xpmicons tarfile doesn't extract on 2.0_BETA
adrianp@stindustries pkg/25346: broken backage: x11/gdkxft pkg/25349: new package net/pflkm pkg/25353: freeglut does not build on some NetBSD systems; can't find GL/*.h
matt@bodgit-n-scarpe pkg/25356: devel/apr Add option to enable LDAP support
04/28/2004 pkg/25358: comms/gsmlib doesn't builds. g++ problem pkg/25360: BitTornado-0.2.0
parasite@evilemail.c pkg/25361: New Package net/bittornado pkg/25362: package gnutls don't create rep gnutls in pkg/include and the failed
Steven Grunza cross/powerpc-netbsd
Jeremy C. Reed Re: cross/powerpc-netbsd pkg/25370: pkgsrc/games/fortunes-de does not honor ${FIND} and does not use -pr pkg/25372: lsof build broken on current
04/29/2004 pkg/25390: Place of binary packages not in sync between and genreadm pkg/25402: audio/arts build failure under Linux, issue?
04/30/2004 pkg/25404: Update textproc/fop to current version
space7@meinberlikomm pkg/25405: sysutils/fam broken on -current due to statvfs, patch included
space7@meinberlikomm pkg/25406: sysutils/cdrdao doesn't compile on -current, patch included pkg/25409: pkg/25410: new version of audio/gogo (petit 3.11p1) pkg/25413: jwhois --with-cache violates principle of least surprise