Index of netbsd-bugs for February, 2000

Izumi Tsutsui Re: pkg/9200: cross-m68k gas doesn't recognize fcmps/fcmpd instructions
Manuel Bouyer kern/9326: uvm_fault in nfs at shutdown time
tls@cs.stevens-tech. xsrc/9327: XF86_SVGA corrupts glyphs on Rage 128 if accellerated
John Darrow xsrc/9327 Re: XF86_SVGA corrupts glyphs on Rage 128 if accellerated
nomad@nop.aliensyste port-alpha/9328: The TGA X server does not work if SRM doesn't initialize the c
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/9329: audiorecord records something audioplay can't play
Simon J. Gerraty bin/9330: make should not test format of non-existent lib.
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/9331: cnw(4) has problem with multicast transmission
Mark Brinicombe kern/9332: raylink driver is not big-endian aware
Seebs standards/9333: sizeof(char) is 1, period, by definition, always.
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/9334: removing pcmcom card (socket comm. 2 serial pcmcia) panics system
w.wnuk@zodiac.mimuw. kern/9335: Linux fsuid system calls
Bernd Ernesti misc/9336: Strange lines during a make install bin/9337: vi recovery coredump
Johan Danielsson bin/9339: patch uses un-orthodox option parsing
iwamoto@sat.t.u-toky kern/9340: NetBSD/alpha can't reassemble IPv6 packet
Ingolf Koch kern/9341: audio(9) not up-to-date kern/9342: Cardbus code causes panic while scanning CIS data
Anders Magnusson kern/9343: More than one X server on one machine don't work. install/9344: Installing from Hard drive or Home-burn't CD kern/9345: wsconsctl(1) can't display the video hardware name kern/9346: Incorrect pciide driver behaviour
Erik E. Fair kern/9347: user program can exhaust mclpool and hang system
02/04/2000 xsrc/9348: xsrc/Makefile makes bogus assumption about BSDSRCDIR
Mike lib/9349: mmap() requires PROT_READ even if only writing misc/9350: make build with DESTDIR set uses old *.mk files
Chris G. Demetriou Re: lib/9349: mmap() requires PROT_READ even if only writing
Bernd Ernesti port-i386/9351: Cardbus doesn't work on an Asus F7400
User waddell port-i386/9354: make of fsck_ext2fs broken in release branch
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino port-i386/9355: "options PCIBIOS" changes will make AC97 probe fail
User waddell port-i386/9356: ipfstat build fails in -release kern/9357: panic: lfs_updatemeta: negative bytes
Erik E. Fair security/9358: acct(2) and acct(5) process accounting need to record dev_t and
Erik E. Fair security/9359: there should be a script to set system files immutable
02/07/2000 kern/9362: crash in wdcattach on 1.4.2_ALPHA
Matthias Scheler bin/9363: Latest "/bin/sh" break "patch" target in "pkgsrc/"
Eric Fox pkg/9364: new pkg: sysutils/afbackup bin/9366: nfs problem port-i386/9367: i386 kernel crash dump tracebacks not so useful port-i386/9368: i386 kernel trap in gdt_compact()
hauke@Espresso.Rhein bin/9369: -current gcc chokes on Mozilla M13
Chris G. Demetriou Re: port-i386/9368: i386 kernel trap in gdt_compact()
eramore@kafka.testbe pkg/9371: ssh SOCKS support doesn't work
Havard.Eidnes@runit. Re: kern/9362: crash in wdcattach on 1.4.2_ALPHA
Erik E. Fair port-macppc/9372: macppc should have eeprom(8)
Erik E. Fair port-macppc/9373: kernel should convert RTC value to UTC without RTC_OFFSET opt
Jeroen Scheerder port-i386/9374: egcs broken, won't handle Objective-C code
erik@mediator.uni-c. bin/9375: /etc/netstart /etc/rc still needs fixes for ip6mode
Bernd Ernesti install/9376: Missing changes to added the obsoleted MD le.4 to an obsolete.xx
Jason R Thorpe port-pmax/9377: console keyboard input no lonter works on 3MAX
ginsbach@spacestar.n bin/9378: sysctl(8) man page missing file reference kern/9379: cannot compile sys/dev/cardbus/cardbus_map.c
IWAMOTO Toshihiro lib/9380: can't build libtelnet when CRYPTOBASE!=crypto-intl
Manuel Bouyer kern/9382: LFS panics at file system full time
Erik E. Fair port-sparc/9383: kernel configs for SUN4, SUN4C, SUN4M
Robert Elz kern/9384: "usl_detachtimeout" with muliple X servers started by xdm (wscons)
Geoff Adams bin/9385: Bug in /usr/bin/Mail conflicts with Hesiod passwd source kern/9387: Forwarding loop on down interfaces port-hp300/9388: hp300 kernel build error kern/9389: UVM panics when physical memory fills
Brook Milligan pkg/9391: man page handling incorrect
erik@mediator.uni-c. bin/9392: lpq and friends segfault when remote printer has no hostname
Bill Squier bin/9393: rev 1.25 of make.c breaks compiling of non-existent libs kern/9394: add USB Ethernet adapter support
Matthias Scheler kern/9395: IP address cannot be changed with "ifconfig"
Jason R. Thorpe pkg/9397: cross m68k-netbsd package doesn't build pkg/9398: Package for Bywater BASIC xsrc/9399: kill -1 1 detaches X server from vt
Dave Huang kern/9400: Webgear Aviator2.4 doesn't initialize if link0 flag specified
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/9401: awi driver does not work with memory mapped access mode
Allen D. Ball misc/9402: "make build" fails in chroot area
Frederick Bruckman port-m68k/9403: Build of debugging kernel fails at "strip -d".
Allen Briggs misc/9404: No elf(5) man page
M.Drochner@fz-juelic bin/9405: dhclient throws away a valid static lease
M.Drochner@fz-juelic bin/9406: dhclient fallback to static lease doesn't work w/o router port-alpha/9407: DEC3000/300 kernel cannot figure booted SCSI device
Robert Elz pkg/9408: pkg mail/distribute needs perl but does not DEPEND upon it bin/9409: sendmail-8.9.3: smrsh installed in wrong place and uses wrong sm.bin
Seebs lib/9410: history on login_getclass is wrong
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/9411: racoon.conf example needs updating
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/9412: ping reports nonsensical ttl
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni lib/9413: resolver weirdnesses
Charlie Root pkg/9414: md5 of swig tarball on != md5 in NetBSD pkgsrc
Leo Weppelman install/9418: instbin fails to link on the atari (and probaly others)
Thomas Early Installation problem. misc/9419: compat_linux(8) doesn't mention suse_linux packages
thomas.a.early@trw.c install/9420: installation
The Grey Wolf kern/9421: nfs mount fails, export fails bin/9422: Bug fix diffs for wiconfig
erik@mediator.uni-c. kern/9423: Cleanup/consolidation of MAXSLP
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-powerpc/9424: arch/powerpc/include/vmparam.h is unused
Mike Pumford port-arm32/9425: pppd active filters fail to work
refling@comet.lbl.go install/9426: Feedback on sparc 14P install floppy
refling@comet.lbl.go bin/9427: man page on ttys wrt rtscts/mdmbuf/dtrcts misleading pkg/9428: error installing 2/2/2000 pkgtools
Martin Husemann kern/9429: vr driver does not autoconfig media
Jarkko Torppa bin/9431: routed does not substract maxroutes when add fails
Manuel Bouyer port-alpha/9432: WARNING: can't figure what device matches "SCSI 1 2000 0 0 0 0
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9433: Squeak dose not run failed to link
Matthias Scheler kern/9434: Recent changes to softdep code cause kernel panics
Dave Huang port-mac68k/9435: mac68k/dev/akbd.c references file from macppc
02/17/2000, "at" misc/9437: Small typo is wsdisplay man page port-hpcmips/9436: PCMCIA/CF interrupts failing on WorkPad z50
tls@cs.stevens-tech. pkg/9438: JDK package violates hier(7)
Scott Reynolds pkg/9439: Nessus Security Scanner package is out of date
Eric Mumpower pkg/9440: Packages: VNC latest_doc updated kern/9441: Flash card loses data kern/9442: wdc_pcmcia attach hangs when another card is present
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino lib/9443: build chokes in lib/libc/db/btree/bt_debug.c
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/9448: Mysql-client won't compile kern/9445: PCMCIA is severely broken after recent changes
Martin Husemann kern/9447: Aviator 2.4 driver (ray0) does not work with NWID set against Window
Takahiro Kambe kern/9446: SOFTDEP option without FFS_EI failed to compile ffs_softdep.c.
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/9444: netbsd doesn't send gratuitious arps when an interface comes up kern/9449: rasops code is rather endianness-dependant standards/9450: named pipes behave inconstantly
Jaromir Dolecek bin/9451: manpage of mknod(1) doesn't document -F flag
rhialto@polder.ubc.k lib/9452: <termcap.h> cannot be #included on its own port-pmax/9453: compiler/assembler fails
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/9454: Update of x11/xephem kern/9455: Patches st driver for QIC 3220 (HP T20)
Erik E. Fair port-macppc/9456: wscons misinterprets "delete" key on iMac USB kbd as BKSP ins
Ed Gould port-i386/9457: wiconfig(8) fails in /etc/netstart
IWAMOTO Toshihiro pkg/9458: editors/emacs doesn't fallback to IPv4 services
Miles Nordin bin/9459: pppd 'noauth' option, doesn't
Jeremy C. Reed pkg/9460: pkg src for gostscript has bad URL
damon@brodiefamily.o pkg/9461: Postgrsql does not add user pgsql
damon@brodiefamily.o misc/9462: -release fails to create dirs.
Atsushi Onoe kern/9463: no interrupt on card detect after resume
Matthew Jacob port-alpha/9464: NetBSD-alpha doesn't build it's own source tree
02/22/2000 bin/9465: amd dumps core bin/9466: gdb dumps core security/9467: HESIOD does not work properly
Wolfgang Rupprecht kern/9468: ray0 interface fails to come up
Matthew Jacob kern/9469: attempt to move NFS mount point hangs
Matthew Jacob kern/9470: missing end of comment file breaks kernel builds
Matthew Jacob kern/9471: cannot build alpha kernel because DONETISR is not well defined
Patrick Welche,SCC,ext.3 kern/9472: trivial typo in exec_elf.h pkg/9473: elm-2.4ME+72 package
Bernd Ernesti kern/9474: bogus attachement for the modem part of a fxp cardbus card
Jeremy C. Reed pkg/9475: xv-3.10apl1 binary package needs tiff-3.4
ishizaka@sam.hi-ho.n port-i386/9476: Kernel doesn't recognize some of FMV-181 EthernetCard
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9477: update pkg: gnupg 1.0.1
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino misc/9478: pkgsrc README.html points to wrong version pkg/9479: kermit 7.0.196 vs. NetBSD's /etc/ttyaction
Matthew Jacob kern/9480: 64K block/16K Frag filesystem causes panic at mount time
John.P.Darrow@wheato pkg/9481: shells/bash2 dlsym patch should be conditional on !__ELF__
Seebs standards/9482: strtoll, not strtoq
Matthias Scheler kern/9483: LKM interface serious broken kern/9485: more CSC interrupt problems on TI113X
Jason Thorpe Re: kern/9485: more CSC interrupt problems on TI113X
Takahiro Kambe pkg/9486: new pkg: squid 2.3STABLE1
NAKAJIMA Yoshihiro bin/9487: GCC doesn't know strftime(3)'s "%F" conversion
Sami Lehtinen lib/9488: tcsetattr() with invalid termios struct sends SIGHUP to whole process kern/9489: an Hitachi Atapi CDR fix
Martin Husemann pkg/9490: pkgsrc/editors/vim-gtk does not build with CFLAGS set kern/9491: panic/reboot in nfs code (1.4T)
Erik E. Fair port-macppc/9492: unrecognized adb device - Apple Studio Display (15" flat pane
thorpej@shagadelic.o bin/9494: possible codegen bug in Alpha GCC -- alignment problem bin/9495: gcc ignores -rdynamic
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino lib/9496: intro.2 still says "extern int errno"
02/27/2000 kern/9497: incorrect timestamp handling on msdosfs (/sys/msdosfs/msdosfs_conv.c
Dave Huang port-i386/9498: Another pnpbios ID string for ess sound chip pkg/9499: missing shared lib in kdebase-1.1.2/sparc binary package
02/28/2000 kern/9500: panic in LFS
Markus Kurek pkg/9501: update audio/bladeenc to version 0.92
Jason R Thorpe kern/9502: Interesting LFS problem
Lennart Augustsson lib/9503: broken bin/9504: LD uses static libs for a dynamic program.
Charlie Root install/9505: sysinst fails to remount mounted filesystems
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/9506: cdrecord doesn't work on powerpc port
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/9507: mlockall(2) failure prevents cdrecord from working
bsieker@techfak.uni- port-i386/9508: undefined PLT symbols with several program modules in -current
Erik E. Fair port-macppc/9509: serial port naming to avoid confusion
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino bin/9510: kerberized telnet does not take care of source routed connection
Lennart Augustsson pkg/9512: x11/ethemes broken bin/9513: ypmatch fails on mail.aliases, mail.byaddr from Solaris
J. Scott Kasten [PATCH] uvm_map.c
Jason Thorpe Re: [PATCH] uvm_map.c
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni bin/9514: wrong reference in trek manpage kern/9515: Using apm device shortens battery life
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/9516: unp_* in sys/kern/uipc_socket.c does not obey RFC2292 description fo