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Re: adt7xxx drivers (Was Re: Device name length restriction?)

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On Sep 10, 2008, at 8:14 AM, Paul Goyette wrote:

On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:

macppc's GENERIC contains this:
adt7467c* at ki2c?
adm1030c* at ki2c?

Both drivers use different, ki2c and OpenFirmware specific probe and
attach functions.( see sys/arch/macppc/dev/adt7467_ki2c.c for example )


If you can easily unify them I'm all for it. It would be nice if the
ki2c attachment remains intact though.
The ADM 1030 driver needs more testing, I wrote it blindly from the
datasheet and someone with an iBook G3 tested it. I never had the

Well, I'm working on it. There are some subtle differences between the various chips which need to watched for. Example: the adt7475 in my motherboards has a configuration option to offset the temperature by 64C (and my BIOS sets this option). Imagine how surprised I was when my first attempt to read the temp from this chip said my CPU temp was at 111C !

I can imagine ;)

I'll make sure that all the existing attachments continue to work, and of course there'll be a general "call for testers" before anything becomes permanent. And none of the individual chip drivers will get deleted until its replacement has been verified.

Sounds good to me.

BTW, there's another set of 4 or 5 ADMxxxx chips which are also nearly identical to the ADTxxxx series, but they're not called "dBCool". So I'm looking for a good device/driver name to cover all of the Analog / ON Semi "remote thermal sensor and fan control" chips.

I dimly remember that the ADM1030 doesn't have the chip/vendor ID registers but at least a few registers were more or less identical to the ADT7467. IIRC the main difference is less resolution in the fan speed counter ( 8bit vs. 16bit or so ) So, many chips probably need the exact same conversion from register value to whatever envsys wants.

Anyone got any suggestions? I'm not fond of "device tsfc" or "device rtsfc". :)

device dbcool?

If you include all or most of the 'dBCool' family that seems to be the least horrible name.

have fun

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