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Re: Device name length restriction?

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Nicolas Joly wrote:

s/adt7463c_verify/adt7467c_verify/ and likewise for others ...

Ooops, yeah, I thought I'd done that.

IMHO this code should be merged into adt7467c_match(); there is no
gain with such a function here.

Yeah, I'm not sure why it was a separate function in the original code from the 7463 driver. I guess if we merge it here, we should merge it there, too?

And c_id/d_id should be of type uint8_t.

Yep - looks like the 7463 driver's read command is currently defined as int - that probably should be cleaned up, but since I don't have any 7463's I'll leave that for someone else. :)

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