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Re: adt7xxx drivers (Was Re: Device name length restriction?)

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On Sep 9, 2008, at 1:54 PM, Paul Goyette wrote:

On Tue, 9 Sep 2008, David Brownlee wrote:

        For a GENERIC kernel the table size is amost certainly offset by
        reducing duplication, and if someone is that size crazy then they
        can have an ifdef to disable some table entries. Merged driver
        definitely seems like a good idea to me...

These drivers don't really get included in GENERIC kernels (at least, not on amd64/i386) since the i2c bus isn't really probe- able, and the devices all share a common i2c address (0x2e). This really wouldn't affect GENERIC kernels at all.

Now, I'm not at all sure about OpenFirmware ports, where there's an external source of configuration information that doesn't require probing of the i2c bus. I don't know if any of these devices are included in those GENERIC kernels. Michael, any guidance here?

macppc's GENERIC contains this:
adt7467c* at ki2c?
adm1030c* at ki2c?

Both drivers use different, ki2c and OpenFirmware specific probe and attach functions.( see sys/arch/macppc/dev/adt7467_ki2c.c for example )

So far, I've identified ten different chips that all could be easily handled by a single driver, with trivial detection of the specific chip based on two on-board registers.

        adt 7460, 7463, 7466, 7467, 7468, 7473, 7475, 7476, & 7490
        adm 1027

All of these are identified externally as "dBCool (tm) thermal monitor and controller" and all made by ON Semiconductor (they bought the product line from Analog Devices at the end of 2007).

If you can easily unify them I'm all for it. It would be nice if the ki2c attachment remains intact though. The ADM 1030 driver needs more testing, I wrote it blindly from the datasheet and someone with an iBook G3 tested it. I never had the hardware.

have fun

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