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Device name length restriction?

I've been trying to do some investigation with the I2C device on my machine that responds to address 0x2E. It _should_ be an adt7463c device; at the very least, if I configure "adt7463c0 at iic1 addr 0x2e" it should call the match function.

Well, it appears that it doesn't work!

Further, if I boot that same kernel with 'boot -c' option, and then try to find or disable or enable adt7463c0 I get an "invalid argument" error message. The same find/enable/disable commands work for other devices, so I'm wondering if maybe there's an internal undocumented limit on the devicename length?

I could go groveling thru the source code to find the 'boot -c' code, but figured if I ask here first someone might have an answer off the top of their head!

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