Index of pkgsrc-bugs for July, 2004

07/01/2004 pkg/26133: www/opera7 can't be bl3d yet pkg/26134: nget package submission pkg/26135: multiple bugs in sqwebmail-3.6.2 pkg/26136: naim core dumps unexpectedly
07/02/2004 pkg/26139: db4-4.2.52nb4 requires /root/tmp
Shoichi Miyake pkg/26140: bootstrap/bmake problem on linux(Fedora Core 2) pkg/26143: Darwin bootstrap: interference from /usr/local/include pkg/26144: gkrellm on 2.0F always shows zero CPU utilization pkg/26146: Changes to make parallel/pvm3 build under Darwin
07/03/2004 pkg/26149: libgcrypt breaks on compile pkg/26151: firefox-linux .9.1 errors out with GLIBC-2.3 errors pkg/26157: pkgsrc/devel/binutils assumes that gperf is being built, which is no
Masahiro =Rhythm Drive= pkg/26153: net-snmp won't build pkg/26161: pkgsrc/graphics/libungif does not compile on IRIX 5.3 (and maybe oth pkg/26162: pkgsrc/graphics/ffmpeg fails in patching stage
bsd@allegory.demon.c pkg/26164: Address binding bug in innd pkg/26165: security/cyrus-sasl2: maxoutbuf buffer size too small
Rasputin pkg/26166:
adrianp@stindustries pkg/26167: cyrus-imapd22 fails to build on boostrapped pkgsrc on linux (db4 pro
07/06/2004 pkg/26170: mail/fetchmail doesn't make use of Kerberos / GSSAPI code
Hauke Fath pkg/26174: Incorrect gnats4 installation pkg/26175: xscreensaver-demo core dumps on 2.0F
07/07/2004 pkg/26180: devel/boehm-gc NetBSD/sh3 patch. pkg/26181: gc6.2/include/private: pkg/26184: security/cyrus-sasl2 should be patched (again) pkg/26185: tcl-scotty with pth appears to not work terribly well pkg/26186: postgresql-docs incorrect PLIST
ole.hellqvist@spray. pkg/26206: Gramofile (audio) does not "Process the audio signal" pkg/26211: Darwin bootstrap: case-sensitive HFS+ can be used
07/09/2004 pkg/26212: php4-iconv can't find libiconv pkg/26213: php4-xslt 4.3.7 can't find libiconv either pkg/26215: p5-perl-headers-1.6.2 doesn't compile
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/26216: x11/xfce isn't the same as meta-pkgs/xfce4
07/10/2004 pkg/26218: tripwire is outdated pkg/26228: tiff tries to rename files in ${X11BASE} on Solaris pkg/26235: pkgsrc makes use of test -e (or [ -e), which does not work on some p pkg/26236: many pkgsrc packages assume presence of group and/or user "games" pkg/26237: please update audio/ncmpc to 0.11.0 (patch attached)
07/11/2004 pkg/26231: checksum mismatch for editors/xemacs-packages pkg/26232: Mesa is broken on Solaris/SunPro because of our libtoolification
bsd@allegory.demon.c pkg/26238: news/newscache doesn't compile: deprecated header pkg/26243: USE_MMX should be in BUILD_DEFS only on x86 pkg/26245: Update wistumbler2 to pre9
calle@discord.bofh.s pkg/26248: Java plugin for linux emulation Firefox doesn't load pkg/26249: sysutils/top-3.5beta9 can't find or needs vm/vm_swap.h pkg/26253: sympa-3.4.2nb1 needs some work
07/12/2004 pkg/26252: www/w3m does not work with boehm-gc-6.3 pkg/26257: emacs20 shle--netbsdelf patch pkg/26261: x11/qt3-libs dosn't build with cups pkg/26262: JDK dependencies broken in if JRE installed pkg/26268: USE_BUILTIN.readline==yes when IS_BUILTIN.readline==no
07/14/2004 pkg/26284: ftplibpp-1.0.1 package created
Rhialto pkg/26323: update of x11/XaoS to 3.1 pkg/26326: databases/rrdtool is OUTDATED pkg/26330: misc/cksfv patch for 64bit long
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/26334: math/scilab: Makefile & distinfo disagree about DIST_SUBDIR
aw9k-nnk@asahi-net.o pkg/26344: New package: devel/ply pkg/26347: ap2-python has problems creating global mutex
aw9k-nnk@asahi-net.o pkg/26348: New package: devel/pygame
juan@xtraeme.nopcode pkg/26346: lang/python23-pth does not clean WRKDIR if you aren't root. pkg/26350: rconfig-0.35.tbz has wrong distinfo (seemingly) pkg/26351: When tnftp on Linux is interrupted, Linux shell doesn't catch signal pkg/26353: databases/rrdtool update
07/18/2004 pkg/26355: sysutils/mbmon update pkg/26356: sysutils/xmbmon
seebs pkg/26361: pysol dependencies wrong pkg/26367: emulators/linux-locales: distfiles gone pkg/26371: www/checkbot update pkg/26372: graphics/gtksee update
07/20/2004 pkg/26381: net/pure-ftpd update to 1.0.19
07/21/2004 pkg/26386: spamassassin won't install with PKG_CONFIG=NO pkg/26389: lang/gcc34 breaks on compile pkg/26398: build of gpsdrive-1.31 failed
jdw-sendpr@jdwhite.o pkg/26408: fix for broken uvscan_dat in uvscan package
dogcow+netbsdspam@ba pkg/26412: mplayer fails to compile libfaad2 on NetBSD >= 2.0F
bsd@allegory.demon.c pkg/26409: Netscape7 pkg doesn't install
Peter.Bex@student.ku pkg/26414: lang/chicken does not create lib subdir
07/24/2004 pkg/26418: security/gss update pkg/26421: net/amule update to 1.2.8
Iain Hibbert pkg/26422: packages misc/gpsd and misc/gpsdrive should be in geography/ pkg/26423: new package: estd-r3
07/25/2004 pkg/26425: mail/msmtp update to 1.2.0 pkg/26428: Upgrade for audio/gkrellm-xmms (2.1.14 -> 2.1.20)
palken pkg/26431: UPGRADE: pkgsrc/devel/ald to version 0.1.6
07/26/2004 pkg/26436: doxygen requires graphviz, which is seriously non-free pkg/26438: asapm doesn't handle Ampere-based sysmon battery info pkg/26440: pkgsrc/print/teTeX-bin does not find libwww header files
juan@xtraeme.nopcode pkg/26442: make index, overwrites previous INDEX file.
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/26443: Makefile for textproc/icu is broken pkg/26446: mail/cyrus-imapd22 should be updated pkg/26447: security/cyrus-sasl(2|authd) should be updated
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/26448: resuming pkgsrc distfile fetches implementation is poor
Martin Husemann pkg/26451: devel/ncurses dependencies ... are heavy pkg/26454: lyx-qt segfaults when you try to quit it on NetBSD 2.0_BETA
07/28/2004 pkg/26460: lang/clisp fails to build because of -liconv/buildlink lossage pkg/26462: sysutils/cdrecord does not CONFLICTS= with cdrtools-ossdvd pkg/26463: sysutils/mklived fails to accept cdrtools-ossdvd pkg/26464: pkgsrc/Packages.txt does not explain how to do 'OR' dependencies
martijn.van.buul@gma pkg/26465: Please update audio/xsidplay
gilbertf@netbsd-fr.o pkg/26467: DESCR of centericq says MSN is supported, while it it not
07/29/2004 pkg/26469: lang/gauche can not make install pkg/26474: new package: madman-0.93 pkg/26477: avifile won't build -- compilation error
07/30/2004 pkg/26473: x11/xorg-server: xtt module does not work pkg/26482: BUILD_DEFS in postfix 2.1.4 need to be reverted
07/31/2004 pkg/26480: make update broken in x11/xorg-imake pkg/26483: installation problem with X11_TYPE=xorg
matt@bodgit-n-scarpe pkg/26489: OpenLDAP 2.2.13 broken pkg/26491: ffmpeg-0.4.8nb1: patch to add support for bktr, mp3, ogg
matt@bodgit-n-scarpe pkg/26492: Undefined symbol "" in
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/26494: Inconsistant placing of poedit (in editors) and gtranslator (in deve