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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

2012/9/28, John Marino <>:

> On 9/28/2012 10:14, Zbigniew wrote:
>> What "helpful" can you see in the message, which is clearly
>> suggesting: "either you want to cheat us all - or you're so stupid,
>> that you didn't even notice, that you ran the Windows version of the
>> game"?
> I took the post for face value --- that the poster was unfamiliar with
> the directory structure and was asking for confirmation.

The poster clearly suggested, that either I wasn't using Linux, or I
wasn't using "Linux native version" of the game. That's the "face
value" of that post.

> All you had to say was "I'm running it on Gobolinux and that's the
> standard user directory structure there."

Read my initial post, where clearly stated, that I was comparing Linux
binary of the game, to the one compiled in NetBSD's environment.

If in doubt, the question should be: "what distribution were you
using", as someone else asked - and not: "Are you sure that it is a
Linux version of the game?". Yes, I'm sure, since I stated this in my
initial post - and I know, what I'm doing. Period.

> "Suspicious" in this context never implied that you were intentionally
> trying to deceive the entire mailing list and it shouldn't have cross
> your mind he was accusing you of intentional deceit.  I certainly didn't
> read that.

It's your opinion - mine is different.

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