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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?


2012/9/27 Zbigniew <>:
> Looking up data in: /Programs/Lbreakout2/2.6.4/share/lbreakout2
> Looking up highscores in: /System/Variable
> Looking up custom levels in: /Users/zb/.lgames/lbreakout2-levels
> Loading theme 'AbsoluteB'
> Saving highscore chart in: /System/Variable

These paths look suspicious to me. Are you sure that it is a native
Linux version of the game? From the paths one could think that it's a
Windows version running in Wine. That could explain the differences in

Kind regards

PS: I do not have any experience with that game. Maybe these paths are
exactly what is expected in the Linux version.

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