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Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

I noticed very interesting thing, when playing Lbreakout2 and LGeneral
(same author):

Both games have a little bit excessive CPU use, when ran in Linux;
even quite powerful CPU, like AMD 2 GHz, is used for about 30% just
during displaying game window, and even more during play (I'm relying
on e.g. GKrellm's reports).

I was amazed, when noticed, that NetBSD's comilation doesn't have this
disadvantage. There is very little CPU load, as it should be (tested
on the same hardware).

Maybe someone could be able to explain, what exactly is the cause, and
why the games works better in NetBSD's environment, than under Linux'
control (where they were originally designed)? Is it really something
OS-kernel related? Or SDL for NetBSD works differently? Anything else?

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