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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 03:56:32PM +0000, Zbigniew wrote:
> Maybe someone could be able to explain, what exactly is the cause, and
> why the games works better in NetBSD's environment, than under Linux'
> control (where they were originally designed)? Is it really something
> OS-kernel related? Or SDL for NetBSD works differently? Anything else?

I don't think anyone has an easy answer for you, and subsequently in this
discussion you have become, simultaneously, so combative and so demanding
that it's hard to imagine anyone will spend much effort to find an answer
that is not easy.

I'll point out only that the way system CPU usage is measured across
different Unix and Unix-like kernels -- particularly on multiprocessors --
is notoriously inconsistent.  It is possible that your target application,
for example, is being charged for time spent on its behalf in the kernel
under one OS but that that time is being mistakenly not accounted for at
all under the other.  Similar possibilities abound.

If the application performs adequately under each kernel, and does not
have some objective, measurable, significant impact on the performance
of other simultaneously running applications, I can't see much point to
investigating this except as a matter of pure curiosity.  For my part,
I have little of that left after seeing how you've chosen to interact
with others in this thread.


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