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Re: Games works better under control of NetBSD, than under Linux' ?

On 9/28/2012 10:14, Zbigniew wrote:
What "helpful" can you see in the message, which is clearly
suggesting: "either you want to cheat us all - or you're so stupid,
that you didn't even notice, that you ran the Windows version of the

I took the post for face value --- that the poster was unfamiliar with the directory structure and was asking for confirmation. Often times the cause of problems are simple, thus troubleshooting diagrams always eliminate these first.

All you had to say was "I'm running it on Gobolinux and that's the standard user directory structure there."

"Suspicious" in this context never implied that you were intentionally trying to deceive the entire mailing list and it shouldn't have cross your mind he was accusing you of intentional deceit. I certainly didn't read that.

Other than agreeing that it's a tall order to ask people to install Linux on their machine just to verify your observations, I have nothing to contribute to your quest at hand, I'm going to bow out now. I am interesting in the outcome of the discussion though.


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