Index of netbsd-bugs for March, 2003

Luke Mewburn Re: bin/20525: lpr cannot suppres headers pkg/20529: pthread buildlink failure on Linux
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20533: New package wm/aewm++
seebs pkg/20535: Sun's JDK 1.4.1 is now up to rev _02. kern/20536: deadlock due to printf with schedlock held port-sparc/20537: New sparc kernels (on hypersparc?) can't run dynamically link pkg/20538: www/htmllint update and fix htmllint command not run.
seebs bin/20542: 'sort -n' puts 0 before -N, for all N.
Kimmo Suominen pkg/20543: mail/prayer ignores PKG_SYSCONFDIR
gnats@allegory.demon kern/20541: quirk table entry for sys/dev/scsipi/scsiconf.c
seebs bin/20545: amd won't build without -O
seebs bin/20546: unmaintainable code award for sort(1)
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20547: New package net/tsclient version 0.104
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20548: New package games/abuse-sdl pkg/20549: graphics/mplayer: vidix, xanim plugins, VideoCD playback
Christopher Richards xsrc/20551: Preprocessor goof in xfree/xc/config/cf/X11.tmpl
scole_mail@softhome. pkg/20552: new pkg - thaixfonts bin/20553: /rescue/mount_* cannot be executed
john heasley toolchain/20554: gcc should predefine __sparcv9
Tyler.R.Retzlaff@ely lib/20544: curses_window (subwin) does not behave as documented when refreshed port-sparc/20556: sparc boot blocks not building for MACHINE==sparc64,MACHINE_A port-alpha/20557: boot(8) for alpha doesn't list available flags kern/20572: Missing S3 Prosavage KM133 description in pcidevs
x@Vex.Net pkg/20573: No patches are applied to vim pkg/20575: upgrade libslang to 1.4.8 pkg/20574: New package for NetBSD lib/20576: [PACTH] fgetws, futws, wcstok, wcswcs implementation
jwjr@burden.burden pkg/20563: failed to make openoffice with seg fault
Matthias Scheler lib/20558: Posix Threads broken in latest "libc"
icmp kern/20559: netinet6/in6_pcb.c missing #include "opt_inet.h" xsrc/20560: alpha_video.c from XF4.3.0 doesn't compile on Alpha pkg/20562: Internal compiler error when making /usr/pkgsrc/misc/openoffice
Matthias Scheler lib/20561: national character support broken
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20567: New package games/criticalmass 0.97 pkg/20569: gqmpeg fails to compile on 1.5.3; XF86XK_Eject undeclared kern/20571: locking problem when rebooting SMP NFS client
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20564: Updated package audio/streamtuner port-i386/20568: compile error in /sys/lkm/compat/svr4/lkminit_emul.c lib/20577: btowc() can't convert null character pkg/20565: New package: SDL-sound 1.0.0 pkg/20566: New package: gltron-0.62 pkg/20578: circular dependency causing "make update" to loop bin/20579: binaries in /usr/X11R6/bin should be stripped lib/20580: assertion failures in pthreads
Christopher Richards xsrc/20581: XFree86 4.3.0 build bug
Andrew Brown kern/20582: esm sound driver does not properly reset at reboot or resume
Christopher Richards pkg/20583: Xft2, fontconfig should defer to built-in versions of same bin/20584: enhance ifwatchd to adapting for PCCARD ethernet.
kre@munnari.OZ.AU kern/20585: GENERIC config COMPAT_1[56] option usage is (mostly) bogus
joachim@cms.tecmath. pkg/20586: net/unison: enable gtk GUI
David Ferlier misc/20587: mi flist wrong
fudge_fr@users.sourc pkg/20588: PATCH_ARGS and PATCH_DIST_ARGS should not set the same backup file
Nick Hudson toolchain/20589: Cannot build a CATS kernel with new binutils. pkg/20590: typos in manual page.
Nathan Lowell port-powerpc/20591: blackdown-jre13 make failure pkg/20593: cdrecord references /etc/default instead of /usr/pkg/etc/default
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20594: New package chat/ezbounce 1.0.4
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20595: New package www/tinyproxy 1.5.2 pkg/20596: Update to new package: nvtv-0.4.3 kern/20597: when LFS blocksize != 8192
Geoff Wing Re: bin/13552: bin/ps stuffs up width calculation for time field
Pavel Cahyna Re: pkg/20448
David Laight Re: bin/14172
John D Smerdon pkg/20598: build of x11/qt3-libs fails XftFontStruct XftValueList pkg/20599: misc/fep fix a bug
Jan Schaumann Re: pkg/20448
Johnny Lam Re: pkg/20448
David W. Talmage pkg/20601: threaded python isn't recognized as an acceptable version toolchain/20602: i386 build fails in tools/toolchain
briggs@ninthwonder.c pkg/20603: p5-Text-Iconv update
Jan Schaumann Re: pkg/20448
Miguel Mendez pkg/20604: Update print/lyx package to use python
David Ferlier pkg/20605: rc.d scripts for net/ucd-snmp are not conform misc/20606: Broken termcap entries for xterm+sl and xterm+sl-twm lib/20607: pthread_mutex gives a core dump, can't be traced with gdb
Soren Jacobsen Re: pkg/20604: Update print/lyx package to use python port-macppc/20608: Built-in mc0 ethernet does not work (gives timeout errors) o
Mirko Thiesen pkg/20609: Exim does not build with other than base SSL
Pavel Cahyna Re: pkg/20448
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20610: Updated package net/pureftpd
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20611: Updated package mail/sylpheed pkg/20612: package waimea doesn't build with new/existing Xft.h
kefren@netbastards.o pkg/20613: bind 9.2.2 fails to compile pkg/20615: nas libaudio UNIX domain socket miscalculated pkg/20616: nas server underflows audio device
james.darcy@wraithba port-sparc64/20617: SIR Reset on installation on Ultra1E pkg/20618: qt3-libs won't compile
Miguel Mendez Re: pkg/20604: Update print/lyx package to use python xsrc/20619: Empty TwmWindows menu crashes kern/20620: add emuxki support for recording formats misc/20621: update emuxki man page
Juergen Hannken-Illjes toolchain/20622: CC/AS fails for PowerPC
Juergen Hannken-Illjes toolchain/20623: powerpc-cc -mcpu=403 generates wrong code pkg/20624: Package update: ethereal 0.9.10
John Kohl pkg/20625: cyrus daemon gets extra SIGHUP at system startup, leading to port bi port-powerpc/20626: evbppc fails to build if_ipl LKM due to missing define of P
adrianp@stindustries pkg/20630: Updated package: net/etherape kern/20642: wi driver doesn't detect USRobotics 2415 adapter
03/09/2003 toolchain/20627: macppc's fixcoff fails to build after binutils recent update toolchain/20628: sparc fails to build new ld after binutils update pkg/20631: pkg, wmcpuload new version pkg/20632: new pkg, wmmemmon
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/20633: abcde updated bin/20634: talk doesn't work with COMPAT_LINUX not compiled install/20635: string processing error in sysinst/upgrade
Gary Duzan kern/20636: files.acpi needs defparam
Havard Eidnes Re: toolchain/20628: sparc fails to build new ld after binutils bin/20637: update build of crunched binaries causes build failure
seebs kern/20638: DP83815 driver probably needs patch released by Nat. Semiconductor pkg/20639: Gauche manpages are installed into incorrect directory
Kimmo Suominen pkg/20641: BIND 9 cannot find thread libraries
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/20640: wxGTK-2.4.0 update port-sparc64/20643: there is no sparc64 ofwboot(8) manual bin/20644: tail -f soaks up CPU time if filesystem doesn't support kqueue
kazuhito_tsuburaya@h bin/20645: tar creation with "z" or "Z" option may delay in writing
David Laight Re: bin/20645: tar creation with "z" or "Z" option may delay in writing kern/20646: deadlock on vnlock (?) kern/20647: retry with old pppoe address first
David Laight Re: toolchain/20628: sparc fails to build new ld after binutils update
Havard Eidnes Re: toolchain/20628: sparc fails to build new ld after binutils
David Laight Re: toolchain/20628: sparc fails to build new ld after binutils update
Rhialto pkg/20648: New/updated package: ctwm 3.6 with Gnome support
Matthias Scheler pkg/20649: "Mesa" update break "qt3-tools" package misc/20650: rc.conf man page incorrectly describes the poffd option
gabriel rosenkoetter Re: misc/20650: rc.conf man page incorrectly describes the poffd option
Josh Glover Re: misc/20650: rc.conf man page incorrectly describes the poffd option
Anthony Mallet bin/20652: typo in mkpath() in bin/mkdir
Lubomir Sedlacik Re: misc/20650: rc.conf man page incorrectly describes the poffd option kern/20653: lfs_segwrite panic lib/20656: [PATCH] wcstoll, wcstoimax, wcstoull, wcstoumax implementation
jacereda@users.sourc port-mips/20657: __clone() fails on regression tests when passing null paramete kern/20658: random ssh2 lockups pkg/20660: emacs dumps core under -current unless -nw
David Ferlier pkg/20662: New package mail/clamav bin/20663: deadlock in cron(8) pkg/20665: Not match textproc/eb/distinfo and actual sha1 outputs
seebs kern/20666: SanDisk ImageMate 6-in-1 card reader needs quirk table entry
seebs kern/20667: Disk changes not noticed on USB card reader
03/12/2003 pkg/20668: Updated package: ethereal-0.9.11
Christopher Richards pkg/20669: New package lang/coq: Theorem prover which extracts programs from pr
joachim@cms.tecmath. pkg/20670: editors/xemacs fails to configure on Linux (Suse 8.1 Professional) pkg/20672: Updated package: dillo- pkg/20673: Please include bash 2.05b patch 003 pkg/20674: gtkglext link flags for GL libraries port-sparc64/20675: cron dies at startup
karkn443@student.liu kern/20676: lfscleaner pndirop deadlock
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20677: lang/mono update to 0.23
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20678: new pkg latex-ttf-fonts pkg/20679: Updated package: sylpheed-claws-0.8.11
pavel.cahyna@st.mff. kern/20680: Another 64-bit gsip NIC
peterih@vip.cybercit pkg/20681: package kdebase3 does not build
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd kern/20682: GeForce4 MX is not detected correctly pkg/20683: Update to Ruby 1.6.8 pkg/20684: Updated package: lbreakout2-2.4.1 pkg/20685: make clean-depends in /usr/pkgsrc/graphics/Mesa forks too many proce pkg/20686: ruby-* distinfo fixes for 1.6.8 upgrade port-i386/20688: Intel P4 (HTT) machine hangs with ACPI+ioapic kern/20689: fxp doesn't match some Intel VM cards it actually can drive just fi kern/20690: MPACPI assumes ProcessorApicId == 0 is BSP, some machines use Id 1 pkg/20691: New package: lmarbles-1.0.6
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20692: libdvdcss update pkg/20693: Error in building for kdeaddons-3.1
Christos.Zoulas@twos port-i386/20694: Current kernel dies at boot time. pkg/20695: Error in building for freetype2-2.1.3 pkg/20698: misc/less should use sysconfdir
thorpej@shagadelic.o toolchain/20699: Build vs. Host mixup when compiling gnu/usr.bin/gcc
Jonathan Perkin Re: pkg/20683: Update to Ruby 1.6.8
03/14/2003 pkg/20696: 'pspp' package can't cope with arguments to CC in /etc/mk.conf pkg/20697: gcc3 package needs to add its gcc-lib to the rpath kern/20700: Manual ethernet media setting disables Nway autonegotiation pkg/20701: Match with MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM kern/20702: Kernel is unable to handle nic's on Cobalt RaQ2+ (R28 GF8 FIE) pkg/20703: WINE pkg fails to build on current with undefined refs. bin/20704: racoon crashes when negotiating with WinXP
David Laight Re: pkg/19066 -- please add uname to sh-utils
Edgar@NetBSDmachine. misc/20706: kscd an other player cant play audiofiles under KDE pkg/20707: Problem installing kdegraphics-3.1
03/15/2003 kern/20708: LFS panics easily when creating directories
Kazuhito Tsuburaya install/20709: `/var/games/atc_scores' is not used, but has been installed. kern/20710: pciide is broken on SiS745 kern/20711: emuxki rear channel and tone control support
Urban Boquist Re: pkg/20707: Problem installing kdegraphics-3.1
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20712: Updated package devel/nasm-devel
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20713: Updated package misc/screen pkg/20714: New/updated packges: gkrellm2 and gkrellm2-volume pkg/20715: lang/mawk distfile name change misc/20716: typos in local(8) and identd(8) man pages misc/20717: typos in newsyslog(8) man page misc/20718: typos in uucico(8) and lmtp(8) man pages pkg/20719: aperture fails to build on -current pkg/20720: expat is included in XF4 4.3.0, so pkgs should use it misc/20721: typos in kadmind(8) and lmcctl(8) misc/20722: typos in ping6(8), setkey(8), bad144(8), chrtbl(8) misc/20723: typos in amd(8), named(8), named-xfer(8), bootpd(8), dhcpd(8) pkg/20724: new pkgsrc/devel/bin86
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20725: subversion update to 0.19.1 bin/20726: typo in send-pr's man page
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20727: libao support for esd/arts
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20728: arts support for SDL misc/20730: it's -> its fixes misc/20733: would like a new feature with syslogd pkg/20735: lang/gcc3 should build shared libraries under Linux
03/16/2003 pkg/20729: Package update: samba-2.2.8
Lennart Augustsson lib/20731: libpthread failure xsrc/20732: missing .EN in project.3gl pkg/20734: www/w3m-img includes excess dependencies bin/20736: Mods to /usr/src/usr.sbin/lpr/lpd/printjob.c for source filename misc/20737: errors in the eeprom(8) man page misc/20738: errors in iteconfig(8) man page misc/20739: errors in mlxctl(8) man page misc/20740: errors in mrinfo(8) man page misc/20741: errors in nfsd(8) man page misc/20742: errors in ntpdc(8) man page misc/20743: errors in ntpq(8) man page misc/20744: errors in chat(8) man page misc/20745: errors in pppd(8) man page misc/20746: errors in sushi(8) man page misc/20747: errors in traceroute(8) man page misc/20748: errors in tcpdump(8) man page
Miguel Mendez pkg/20749: Maintainer update: devel/newfile to 1.0.7
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20750: dia update to 0.91 misc/20751: there is a typographical mistake in compat_pecoff(8) misc/20752: there are typographical mistakes in compat_netbsd32(8) misc/20753: there is a typographical mistake in kadmin(8) misc/20754: there is a typographical error in ktutil(8) misc/20755: there is a typographical error in rtadvd(8)
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20756: new pkg: pygtk2 1.99.15
Marc Recht Re: pkg/20750: dia update to 0.91 port-pmax/20757: pmax bootloader failes to build; size limit exceeded port-mips/20758: mipsco fails to build; bootloader exceeds size limit
stephenm@employees.o kern/20762: close() on bogus FDs should return EBADF pkg/20763: abcde shell script gives errors when enconders not installed
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20759: New package audio/openal pkg/20760: libxml2 installs tutorial with incorrect owner pkg/20761: php4 installs include/php with incorrect owner
john heasley xsrc/20764: xkbInit.c: wrong variable initialized misc/20766: cgd: no option to turn auto-configuration off bin/20767: cgd: no way to list configured cgds
Manuel Bouyer bin/20768: amd has sometimes problem remounting
Manuel Bouyer Re: bin/20768: amd has sometimes problem remounting
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20769: mplayer missing linker options
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht Re: bin/20768: amd has sometimes problem remounting pkg/20770: new package: strace pkg/20771: new pkgsrc: GNU ed(1) -- editors/ed pkg/20772: devel/flex needs a yacc to build pkg/20773: new pkgsrc: math/bc pkg/20774: new pkgsrc: sysutils/file
jschauma@cs.stevens- pkg/20775: pkg* don't deal well with filenames with spaces kern/20777: can't map memory 64bit PCI device on 32bit system pkg/20778: Zope 2.5 -> Zope 2.6.1 bin/20779: df on an unmounted block device does not work properly
03/18/2003 pkg/20776: Updated package: arch-
benjamin.wong@cc.gat pkg/20781: dillo upgraded pkg/20782: checksum mismatch for databases/edb lib/20783: QT3 designer will fail with pthread__next pkg/20784: cannot install moziall pkg/20785: Updated package: ted-2.13
pavel.cahyna@st.mff. bin/20786: check for rcvar in /etc/rc.d/* scripts can fail when it shouldn't
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20787: SOAPpy update to 0.9.8
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20788: New package mail/dovecot
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20789: Updated package www/opera6 to 6.2
Soren Jacobsen Re: bin/20794: typo in sh's man page xsrc/20795: kdelibs3 wont compile
adrianp@stindustries pkg/20796: updated package: security/nessus pkg/20798: portability fixes for pkgsrc/sysutils/findutils pkg/20799: upgrade pkgsrc/archivers/gcpio kern/20800: reading ppp over pseudo terminal maxes out at ~90 kb/sec install/20801: Unable to configure Audio (Intel 82801DB) AC'97 chip
03/19/2003 pkg/20790: Updated package: fetchmail-6.2.2 kern/20791: nfsd should reply ENAMETOOLONG correctly install/20792: Build broken in -current in csu dir bin/20793: Spelling error's in ksh's man page bin/20794: typo in sh's man page
Masao Uebayashi Re: bin/20794: typo in sh's man page
Kimmo Suominen pkg/20797: libnet-1.0.1b unreadable files
Roland Dowdeswell Re: bin/20794: typo in sh's man page install/20802: Unable to configure XFree86 for 82845Gl motherboard
erik.anggard@packetf lib/20803: Error in description of MAP_ANON in man mmap
leander@hgb-leipzig. toolchain/20804: cross-compiling mac68k under linux, fts.h versus FILE_OFFSET_B
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20805: LyX update to 1.3.1 / seperate lyx-qt bin/20806: src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc does not build with USETOOLS=never pkg/20807: chat/ekg MAINTATINER UPDATE
Christopher Richards pkg/20809: Patch: Enable missing png support in graphics/netpbm
Marc Recht Re: pkg/20769: mplayer missing linker options pkg/20810: net/host patch fuzz, missing MASTER SITES, and conflicts pkg/20811: add aspell support to mail/sylpheed-claws
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20812: new pkg Gnosis_Utils
charlie@rubberduck.c pkg/20813: x11/multi-gnome-terminal won't open new tabs from command line pkg/20814: Updated package: mutt-1.4.1
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20815: Change the HOMEPAGE on the audio/streamtuner* packages
pierre.bourgin@pcote pkg/20816: bootstrap-pkgsrc build failed under solaris 7 bin/20817: inetd doesn't accept tcp,rcvbuf=16384 et al. bin/20818: split can not handle large split sizes
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/20819: misc/molden distinfo is out of date (as is package) pkg/20820: new package: libicq2000
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/20810: net/host patch fuzz, missing MASTER SITES, and conflicts pkg/20821: new packge: ickle
David Laight Re: bin/20817: inetd doesn't accept tcp,rcvbuf=16384 et al. pkg/20826: parallel/pvm3 fails to install toolchain/20828: make: .WAIT doesn't work if macro expansion needed.
Anne Bennett bin/20829: identd from inetd loops due to libwrap pkg/20831: security/openssh should use RCD_SCRIPTS_EXAMPLEDIR in PLIST
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/20825: textproc/icu update to 2.4 kern/20827: lfs_vfsops.c can't compile with -DDIAGNOSTIC
David Laight Re: pkg/20826: parallel/pvm3 fails to install
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/20832: fonts/ja-shinonome ja-shinonome-0.9.9 distfile has moved
pandey_rahul@hotmail install/20833: Installed vim on NetBSD1.6 getting "Shared object has no run-tim pkg/20834: Dialog doesn't work over telnet lib/20835: [PATCH] libc i18n module(Citrus XPG4DL) for Chinese GB18030 support
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20836: Updated packages graphics/*mplayer* to 0.90rc5
seebs kern/20838: PI Engineering XKeys 58-key model support
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20840: Updated packages net/nmap* to 3.20
Iain Hibbert kern/20844: No way to Load PPP compressors as kernel modules
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20837: Updated package chat/xchat to 2.0.1
juan@xtraeme.unixbsd pkg/20839: Updated packages net/nmap* to 3.20
David Ferlier pkg/20841: security/racoon has no rc.d script
David Ferlier pkg/20842: patch to make racoon install the new rc.d script pkg/20843: security/libcrack breaks on Linux
Christoph_Egger@gmx. pkg/20845: update of graphics/libgii, graphics/libggi packages pkg/20846: allow PAM for sshd (under Linux)
Matthias Scheler kern/20847: Emulated Linux RealPlayer gets stuck toolchain/20848: './ -E tools' results in an error pkg/20849: xpm doesn't build
adrianp@stindustries pkg/20850: updated package: net/mrtg
03/23/2003 pkg/20851: pkg_add fails when using symlink to package pkg/20852: mail/sendmail package install problem pkg/20853: pkgtools/xpkgwedge package install problem pkg/20855: lang/perl58 package install problem pkg/20854: www/apache2 package install problem pkg/20856: /var/db/pkg/*/+INSTALL files are not installed from binary packages
kilbi@rad.rwth-aache port-sparc/20857: -current after Mar 8th no longer boots on sparc ipx (all sun4 bin/20858: Softdeps, GENERIC kernel and mount_ffs pkg/20859: kdm cannot find libraries
Frank Kardel lib/20860: slapd/SA trouble pkg/20861: New pkg: chksniff
Martin Weber pkg/20862: dillo doesn't build w/o IP6; doesn't need gmake either
Greg A. Woods Re: pkg/20856: /var/db/pkg/*/+INSTALL files are not installed from binary packa toolchain/20869: crossbuild fails: when building a miniroot image, makeobsolete
seebs standards/22594: setkey(3) is in user namespace
wolfram gerlach pkg/20864: Submit pkg
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/20865: print/tex-ocrb: impossible to fetch correct distfile
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/20866: print/tex-textpos: impossible to fetch correct distfile
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/20867: print/ja-jsclasses: distinfo is out of date lib/20868: LANG=Pig is broken kern/20870: nfs root mapping sometimes fails
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20871: koffice bug-fix pkg/20872: SDL-mixer's MIDI support doesn't work lib/20873: UTF8 mbrtowc() doesn't return -1 when given illegal UTF8 sequence install/20874: How to reinstall NetBSD 1.6 from scratch
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/20875: Incorrect facts in rtsol(8) man page
joachim@cms.tecmath. pkg/20877: lang/gcc/ does not work for gcc3 (+fix)
pavel.cahyna@st.mff. xsrc/20876: aperture driver won't build
joachim@cms.tecmath. pkg/20878: graphics/MesaLib does not install all necessary headers
Kazuhito Tsuburaya misc/20879: kterm reversevideo and underline text are in mess.
Takahiro Kambe Re: misc/20879: kterm reversevideo and underline text are in mess. pkg/20880: lang/gcc3 not installing info files (under Linux)
Manuel Bouyer Re: install/20874: How to reinstall NetBSD 1.6 from scratch
03/25/2003 pkg/20881: devel/ncurses install broken on Solaris 8 pkg/20882: security/cyrus-sasl update pkg/20883: Make emacs21 gui configureable pkg/20884: Missing dependencies in pkgsrc
kre@munnari.OZ.AU bin/20885: ping6 does integer division & rouds down when calculating packet los pkg/20886: apparent missing dependency on rpm2pkg in suse_linux pkg
gremlin@portal-to-we pkg/20887: New package iplog Version 2.2.3
Gary Duzan kern/20888: LOCKDEBUG output causes double fault panic kern/20889: pci(9) lacks VPD access routines
Brian Ginsbach bin/20890: lpr -q option
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20891: p5-XML-LibXML build broken pkg/20892: improvements for security/PAM
andrew_grillet@yahoo port-i386/20893: install sets use long file names - cannot be installed via DOS
andrew_grillet@yahoo install/20894: No obvious way to prevent the EIDE/ATAPI driver using DMA port-mips/20895: [rkb] -current MIPS kernels fail to run 1.6 dynamic binaries
Manuel Bouyer Re: install/20894: No obvious way to prevent the EIDE/ATAPI driver using DMA bin/20896: sendmail and ancient pathnames port-i386/20897: ACPI gets stuck freeing objects. pkg/20898: update pen to verion 0.10.0 pkg/20899: x11/rxvt and maybe other terms have security issues pkg/20900: cannot build audio/trplayer
Geoff Wing Re: pkg/20899: x11/rxvt and maybe other terms have security issues pkg/20901: pkgsrc/devel/SDL/ needs higher version
Tomasz Luchowski pkg/20902: emulators/{wine,rewind} do not build - pthread/lwp issue
h-masuda@ootani.naga kern/20903: Corega CGWLPCIA11 can be used by dev/pci/if_wi_pci.c port-alpha/20904: Postgresql-7.4-snapshot, 7.3.2 Fails on NetBSD-1.6 / Alpha
fudge_fr@users.sourc pkg/20905: textproc/grep is not honouring --program-prefix correctly port-sparc64/20907: [rkb] ld.elf_so with RTLD_DEBUG_RELOC broken on sparc64
Andrew K. Adams pkg/20906: configure w/pkgsrc/net/arla fails with 1.6P & greater sources pkg/20908: bash crach when killing some process
Soren Jacobsen Re: pkg/20908: bash crach when killing some process
Heiko Dudzus misc/20909: src/lib/libc doesn't compile (SecurityAdvisory2003-008)
Soren Jacobsen Re: misc/20909: src/lib/libc doesn't compile (SecurityAdvisory2003-008)
der Mouse bin/20911: identd -L invents a new response type pkg/20912: ap-php4 did not bump PKGREVISION for security bug
Andrew Brown bin/20913: gzip exits prematurely due to read error, removes source file anyway
Andrew Brown kern/20914: kernel panic in sysctl_procargs()
Andrew Brown lib/20915: ps won't work against dead current kernels, libkvm out of date pkg/20916: gtar-base needs msgfmt
Andrey Simonenko pkg/20917: Maintainer update port net/ipa 1.3.1 -> 1.3.2 pkg/20918: Emacs dumps core on current pkg/20919: Mozilla 1.3 does not resolve some names pkg/20920: gimp-print-lib needs a lex to build
Lubomir Sedlacik xsrc/20921: XFree86 4.3.0 with siliconmotion driver doesn't start on NetBSD/i38
David W. Talmage pkg/20922: curses-based dopewars game can't build without X
marc@informatik.uni- pkg/20923: py-FourSuite update to 1.0a1 toolchain/20924: vax assembler checking for byte offsets causes build error pkg/20926: new pkg lang/jdk13-openjit pkg/20925: new pkg lang/jdk13 (SCSL JDK 1.3.1)
03/29/2003 pkg/20928: security/amavis does not build pkg/20929: Typo in emulators/suse64_glx pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install lib/20931: patch to fix NIS support in getusershell(3)
Christopher SEKIYA kern/20932: Corega PCCL-11 (wi) not detected by kernel
thorpej@shagadelic.o kern/20935: sys/lib/libz broken
03/30/2003 port-hppa/20933: hppa vmapbuf()/vunmapbuf() bugs kern/20934: macppc & MAXBSIZE < 64k & 2KB sector size devices == boom
David Ferlier pkg/20937: rc.d script patch for mail/fetchmail
David Ferlier pkg/20938: rc.d script for mail/fetchmail toolchain/20939: sparc64 fails to compile catopen.c: internal compiler error
David Ferlier pkg/20940: rc.d stuff for audio/icecast port-acorn26/20941: documentation for acorn26 port has typos port-pc532/20942: documentation for pc532 port has some typos port-playstation2/20943: documentation for playstation2 port has some typos port-prep/20944: documentation for prep port has some typos port-sandpoint/20945: documentation for sandpoint port has some typos port-newsmips/20946: documentation for newsmips port has some typos port-news68k/20947: documentation for news68k port has some typos port-sparc/20948: sparc kernel fails to run on sparc 20 port-evbsh5/20949: documentation for evbsh3 port has some typos port-amiga/20950: documentation for amiga port has some typos port-bebox/20951: documentation for bebox port has some typos port-cats/20952: documentation for cats port has some typos port-dreamcast/20953: documentation for dreamcast port has some typos port-hpcmips/20954: documentation for hpcmips port has some typos port-hpcsh/20955: documentation for hpcsh port has some typos port-next68k/20956: documentation for next68k port has some typos port-mipsco/20957: documentation for mipsco port has some typos port-mvme68k/20958: documentation for mvme68k port has some typos port-mvme68k/20959: documentation for mvmeppc port has some typos port-sun3/20960: documentation for sun3 port has some typos pkg/20961: new package: pkgsrc/lang/ghc (re-ported) port-sparc/20962: Recently updated ss20/hs sparc/mp stops with "Watchdog Reset"
Frank Kardel kern/20963: bind9 seems to lock up wrt SA pkg/20966: update conserver pkg to 7.2.6
03/31/2003 xsrc/20967: updating to X system 4.3.0 crash
Jeremy C. Reed Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Tom Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Jeremy C. Reed Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Tom Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Tom Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Thomas T. Thai Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Jeremy C. Reed Re: pkg/20930: package gcc3 failed make install
Martin Weber misc/20968: etcupdate &
Jason R. Fink bin/9396 pkg/20969: net/ORBit/patches/patch-an needs IOV_MAX defined pkg/20971: textproc/xmlcatmgr doesn't install on Solaris pkg/20972: databases/openldap needs a database buildlink2