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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars

On Thu, 02 Aug 2012 09:10:02 +0200
Jean-Yves Migeon <> wrote:

> On 02.08.2012 03:28, James K. Lowden wrote:
> > The only running text is under "Welcome to
> > NetBSD" (#mainContent).  It should be normal size.
> The font for the whole site or just the bar?

The navbar font is fine.  I would change to include 

        #mainContent { font-size: 100%; }

> However... changing the font-weight on dynamic events (like hovering)
> modify width, so you have to hardcode dimensions if you do not want
> the elements to suddenly "move". 

I seem to recall something like that, yes, with other page I worked
on.  I'll take a look and see what I can do.  

> Won't this be used for a new fundraising, but by just changing dates?

If and when.  Likely the situation will be different.  There's always

> > It would be nice if "Of course it runs NetBSD" used left- and
> > right-quotes.  That's in NetBSD-headerlogo.png, which unfortunately
> > is a checked-in image.  
> I wondered the same thing, but kept it as-is -- my purpose was to
> modify the bars and not the whole layout. 

Understood, and the page is definitely better because of your work.  

I brought it up because you're working on the page and I can't think of
where else to discuss it.  I hardly think we need a mailing list for
NetBSD asthetics or public image.  Perhaps someone here knows the

> I can move the image + quotes to full HTML, but that will be part of
> another commit. Baby steps please

That certainly understandable.  

FWIW, the letterspacing of The NetBSD Project logo is a little wider
than usual.  Look at the distance between the B and S in NetBSD in the
logo, for instance, compared with NetBSD elsewhere on the page.  (I
imagine it's intentional.  I don't know if it's important.)  I got a
similar result in groff using kerning.  AFAIK it can't be done in CSS.  



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