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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars

On Wed, Aug 01, 2012 at 01:38:22AM +0200, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
 > >  >> [...] should be fixed.
 > > 
 > > It is not - in my default browser size (900px) the last two of the
 > > nine entries in the bar end up on the second line. Would it be better
 > > to use a slightly smaller font in the bar?
 > I can always go smaller and smaller, and people will still find lower
 > resolutions where this won't fit :)
 > Most sites that use columns layout have a min-width declared, NetBSD's
 > does not. I can declare one but in that case: please provide a minimum
 > wdith please.

How about 1000? I don't particularly mind if the site grows a
scrollbar in my default width (as long as the center part doesn't
extend off off the side, but it won't) but it should try to avoid
looking silly.

The reason my browser is 900px wide by default is that this is about
the limit where pages that are just text become too wide to be
legible. It's easy to click maximize when wanted.

A lot of people out there don't seem to care about this problem (don't
ask me why) but I can't imagine I'm the only person with a
narrowish-by-default browser.

 > > Also, the ISC logo is still appearing twice. That should be fixed.
 > It's a side effect of saving the index file through a browser. The
 > javascript that handles the logos rotations is commented out through
 > <!-- --> marks and disappears when converting the HTML via a browser.
 > The logos then appears twice.
 > It does not appear on my local testing mirror.

Blah, ok.

 > >  - add cvsweb and releng links for pkgsrc in the pkgsrc/packages menu
 > cvsweb? What about pointing to then, it's a lot more
 > user-friendly. I know it's not part of a TNF supported site, as are some
 > links in the "community" section anyway...

That seems fine to me as well.

 > What's the link to releng for pkgsrc? The one from pkgsrc-pmc?

I was thinking since that's
the pkgsrc portion of

If you have other/better ideas go ahead; I was just trying to fill in
some useful links for the pkgsrc menu.

 > > And, maybe change "ports" to "platforms"? (Otherwise casual passersby
 > > might be confused by analogy to freebsd ports.) I know we call them
 > > "ports" and maybe we need to stick to that.
 > Will do

On reflection I'm not sure this should be done without a bikeshedding

 > > However, on the whole it's a vast improvement :-)
 > That is the purpose :o


 > FWIW I will update the site tomorrow, so expect layout breakage on the
 > go, especially for "third party" sites (blog + wiki + few pages that do
 > not use the XSLT templates. I will migrate them on a page by page basis).

go go go

David A. Holland

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