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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars


> I find the use of two different navbars rather inconvenient in the
> headers, and would like to propose a different setup; the CSS is rather
> flexible, so you can chose the colors/sizes at your likings.
> Tested with FF and Safari; disregarding IE 6, it might need some fixing
> for IE7, and for all consumers of the site that tweak navbars a bit
> (wiki comes to mind). I will do that later.
> Comments?
tested with Opera 12.00 plus all-eating misconfigured proxy, and it works.
 * ISC sponsor is listed twice
 * I like the idea, but I think the bar looks somehow... misplaced. The whole
   website looks somewhat "orientationless", the old one had the one thick
   grey bar which gave a fixpoint.
   Maybe stick to the old colours (white/grey)?
 * I also don't know if I like the content being centered.

But all in all it looks like an improvement over the current website, no
matter my comments are cared for.

Regards, Julian

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