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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars

Le 29/07/12 03:12, Jeremy C. Reed a écrit :
I moved items as you suggested, except Advocacy. Adding more and more stuff to
News & Media makes it bloated :)

The last template is available here:

I use a browser around 1000 pixels wide and the "pkgsrc" was wrapped to
next line (left and below "Home") making a inch tall grey menu area.
Maybe the "Home" and rest can be moved to the left more.

Also now the "Latest News" and "Upcoming Events" is also pushed to
bottom and right side is just empty white space. The old (current)
webpage doesn't do that.  (The center "Welcome to NetBSD" column is
farther to the right with your new style.)

Both should be fixed.

Note that "Latest News" and "Upcoming Events" will be pushed to the bottom with the old style too, but this happens only for smaller width. Having precise control of float elements is rather tricky, and I am struggling with IE7+ compatibility, sigh.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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