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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars

On 02.08.2012 03:28, James K. Lowden wrote:
> For the same reason as David's, I usually keep Safari about 1/2 the
> width of my screen, which is 1920x1200.  That puts it in the
> neighborhood of 900px, which for me is about 50em.  The proposed new
> page ( looks good that
> way.  
> While we're on the subject, could I make a few suggestions?  
> 1.  Why is the default font small?  It's definitely not easy to read if
> you're over 50, and enlarging the font makes *everything* bigger.  The
> only running text is under "Welcome to NetBSD" (#mainContent).  It
> should be normal size.

The font for the whole site or just the bar?

> 2.  I like the new menu, but I don't love the orange-on-orange.  How
> about keeping the pale orange background in the dropdown, but using
> dark grey for the menu items, and bold instead of reverse-video for
> highlighting?

I am no web artist -- if you have a modification to the layout, you can
figure out a good looking one via firebug and edit it dynamically. Then
submit it, or send me a mail.

However... changing the font-weight on dynamic events (like hovering)
modify width, so you have to hardcode dimensions if you do not want the
elements to suddenly "move". It's pretty hard to explain via words, but
adding a "font-weight: normal" to a "a:hover" selector will show the
side effets.

> 3.  Maybe it's not too soon to delete the 2007 fundraising text?  

Won't this be used for a new fundraising, but by just changing dates?

> It would be nice if "Of course it runs NetBSD" used left- and
> right-quotes.  That's in NetBSD-headerlogo.png, which unfortunately is
> a checked-in image.  Any reason it couldn't be HTML instead?  If it
> must be an image so browsers don't perturb the fontliness, it could be
> done in groff, cf.
> and
>  That uses
> Helvetica; I'm not sure what was used originally.  As long as it's
> free, it should be no problem to add to /usr/share/groff_font.  

I wondered the same thing, but kept it as-is -- my purpose was to modify
the bars and not the whole layout. That could generate sufficient

I can move the image + quotes to full HTML, but that will be part of
another commit. Baby steps please, I have more down the pipes :)

Jean-Yves Migeon

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