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Re: Modifying topHeader to merge both navbars

Le 25/07/12 05:04, Jeremy C. Reed a écrit :
I see this was on the netbsd-docs list; you may want to also send this
to the website maintainers (www).

Thanks for your work on this.

My few comments:

"Media" makes me also think of advocacy materials like graphics,
images and brochures. Maybe move "Advocacy" into the News & Media
category? (Since it does have links fro news and articles from it also.)

Maybe move Feeds (from Community) to News & Media also?

Maybe Projects (from Community) should be under "Developers"?

I noticed one significant link missing from front page: pkgsrc -- it
should be highlighted and linked to. Not sure where from though. The old
existing page does link for Software Packages.

I moved items as you suggested, except Advocacy. Adding more and more stuff to News & Media makes it bloated :)

The last template is available here:

I am planning on committing it in a few hours, but before that I noticed that some HTML files had to be modified by hand to obey the XSL Makefiles. Those are:

./index.html, that uses a custom script ( to updates specific parts of it

Any reason why they do not use the XSLT framework? I can make an initial pass to migrate these to the XSLT Makfiles...

Jean-Yves Migeon

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