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Re: [OT] Re: What netbook to you run NetBSD on? (-> netbook.xml)

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
I am replying to two emails here.

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008, Jared D. McNeill wrote:

What is confusing to me is that some use outputs.lineout.eapd=on with
outputs.lineout, others use inputs.dac10, and I use
outputs.black15.eapd=on with inputs.dac02.
There are two issues.

First is that the azalia driver compromises, and operates in "best effort" mode when a codec isn't explicitly supported. That's what you're seeing with the <color><nid> style controls.

Is this something that can be explained in a manual page? (Or is it already there?)

Also have docs explain the <color><nid> style controls.

Is there any logging or kernel output or other way to let user easily know it is in "best effort" mode?

Not really, ideally we would show an 'unknown codec' message but people like to add codec IDs without actually implementing proper support for them.

What breaks if there is a mapping to some consistent naming?

You can't really define a consistent mapping. For example, if you have two microphone controls (built-in and front-left chassis), which one do you name inputs.mic?

Sure seems strange that I control my speaker volume on one system with "inputs" but on other system with "outputs".

See "best effort".

The second is that HD audio mixers don't map very well to Sun audio mixer controls. Using information from HD audio widgets you can derive a name like "Line-out Jack (Location: Back, Channels: Front Left/Right) Mute Switch" but I don't know how to map that to a sysctl MIB style name that won't piss anybody off.

Any proposals? Something is better than nothing.

I'm not opening that can of worms.


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