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What netbook to you run NetBSD on? (-> netbook.xml)


we currently list the Asus EeePC 701 and 90x as supported[1], and I wonder if we should extend the list to include more manuracturers and models. Thus the question: on what netbook to you run NetBSD, and how well does it run? What I have in mind is a new page like [2], which lists several models, what NetBSD release each component supported in, and maybe any further infos, if needed.

Components to check include: ethernet, wireless, graphics, audio, webcam, suspend to RAM, SD reader, and hotkeys.

(Whether the representation of [2] is the best, or if some other layout like the Ports/Feature matrix at [3] is better will be determined when more data is available).

Please send your data in private mail to me, and I'll update the netbook-page. Thanks!

 - Hubert


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