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Re: adt7xxx drivers (Was Re: Device name length restriction?)

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, Nicolas Joly wrote:

If most supported chips comes from the ADT series (from your previous
list), why not call it `adt74xxc' ? And it has the benefit to be
closely related to the existing adt7463/adt7467 drivers.

Well, there's 8 chips in the adt74xx series (all of which bear the dBCOOL(tm) label), plus 7 more chips in the adm10xx (only one of which seems to be labelled dBCOOL). So it's pretty much a 50/50 split.

I actually like the idea of 'device dbcool' and the inevitable man page could easily refer to "dBCOOL(tm) and similar chips" as well as provide the definitive list and their full marketing names.

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