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Re: SS20 SBus & burst modes (Re: SBus driver & burst (>32 bits) accesses)


On Sun, 20 Dec 2020 08:51:23 +0100
Romain Dolbeau <romain%dolbeau.org@localhost> wrote:

> > That being said, the main reason we don't have rasterflex support is
> > lack of hardware in my hands.I've been regularly checking ebay for any
> > non-Sun SBus graphics hardware, with very little success.  
> At some point there were some Rasterflex HR on ebay.de, but I haven't
> seen one in a while...

Hmm, I'll keep checking ebay.de then.

> > Someone(tm) send me an mgx ( basically a 4MB PCI VGA behind a custom
> > SBus-PCI bridge thing ), which has driver support now. Got to finish hw
> > acceleration in X, 24bit works.  
> Nice. So you can do a SBus-PCI bridge... I wonder if it would be possible
> to make a SBus-PCIe bridge in a FPGA :-) Any reference on the bridge
> you could share ?

There are several cards which do that - AG10e is one ( with *three* PCI
graphics chips ), the P9x00 in the sparcbook 3 series are PCI as well.
I'm fairly sure they're all custom designs, possibly FPGAs. We don't
mess with the PCI bridge on any of them, there are device properties
with all the useful address ranges.

have fun

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