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Re: SS20 SBus & burst modes (Re: SBus driver & burst (>32 bits) accesses)


On Fri, 18 Dec 2020 19:47:26 +0100
Romain Dolbeau <romain%dolbeau.org@localhost> wrote:

> This particular machine has 8x64 MiB and a pair of SM61. I never could
> find a VSIMM of any kind for my SS20s, either, or a TCX for my SS5. I
> mostly use TGX[+] and a RasterFlex HR, which unfortunately doesn't do
> 24 bits in NetBSD... you need Solaris for it.

I might have a spare 4MB VSIMM somewhere, I added SX support for both
kernel and X a while ago.
That being said, the main reason we don't have rasterflex support is
lack of hardware in my hands. I've been regularly checking ebay for any
non-Sun SBus graphics hardware, with very little success. If I found
anything it was rebadged cg3 and cg6.
Someone(tm) send me an mgx ( basically a 4MB PCI VGA behind a custom
SBus-PCI bridge thing ), which has driver support now. Got to finish hw
acceleration in X, 24bit works.
Also, I've seen a few S24 floating around on ebay, usually mislabeled
as SBus.
Here's one:
Basically a tcx with 4MB VRAM and a newer DAC that supports 24bit,
WIDs, and a hw cursor. Should Just Work(tm).
Says he ships only to the US but who knows, one can always ask.

have fun

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