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Re: SBus driver & burst (>32 bits) accesses

Chase Rayfield <cusbrar2%yahoo.com@localhost> wrote:
>Specifics on the gigabit sbus card. NetBSD does have a cas driver for
>the gigaswift cassini hardware.
>X1045A = version 1. Version 2 is X1140A both are 1000B-SX cards so you
>would need a SFP switch + SX trasciever, or a 1000B-SX fiber converter 
>about $30 or so. Version 2 of the card has a big Sun branded chip + a
>fiber tranciever on it. I've never seen the UTP variant for sale myself
>but the Netbsd driver man page claims they exist, it would be the same
>card minus the Agilent chip HDMP-1646 that is doing copper to fiber
>conversion on the board.
>The manual claims only 64byte bursts, which would mean sun4d
>(ss1000/2000) machines and the SS20 should be able to fully support it
>running at 25Mhz sbus clocks. The gigaswift manual also says it has dual
>DMA channels I bet that was for RX and TX separately?
>If you wanted to get 64bit transfers working on say an SS20 or similar
>with your FPGA you might want to make sure it works with the gigaswift

I have a spare card if someone wanted to try this, don't have any fibre
stuff for it though.

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