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Re: SBus driver & burst (>32 bits) accesses

Specifics on the gigabit sbus card. NetBSD does have a cas driver for the gigaswift cassini hardware. 

X1045A = version 1. Version 2 is X1140A both are 1000B-SX cards so you would need a SFP switch + SX trasciever, or a 1000B-SX fiber converter  about $30 or so. Version 2 of the card has a big Sun branded chip + a fiber tranciever on it. I've never seen the UTP variant for sale myself but the Netbsd driver man page claims they exist, it would be the same card minus the Agilent chip HDMP-1646 that is doing copper to fiber conversion on the board.

The manual claims only 64byte bursts, which would mean sun4d (ss1000/2000) machines and the SS20 should be able to fully support it running at 25Mhz sbus clocks. The gigaswift manual also says it has dual DMA channels I bet that was for RX and TX separately?

If you wanted to get 64bit transfers working on say an SS20 or similar with your FPGA you might want to make sure it works with the gigaswift first. 

There is a PDF manual of the cassini Ethernet hardware floating around somewhere perhaps someone can post a link, it should be cs_plus.pdf.


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