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Re: SS20 SBus & burst modes (Re: SBus driver & burst (>32 bits) accesses)

I only knew of 1 full hyperstation and that's the guy at hyperstation.de (I've talked with him before about AG10Es but he hasn't replied to me recently dunno if anything happened to him). 

I have the only other hyperstation 30 hardware that I know of and its just a board (amazingly I got it for $14 on ebay). I plan on upgrading an SS20 to a hyperstation 30 but haven't gotten around to it. It would be cool to know if there were any other people with the hardware. (I also aquired an AG10E months back). 

Is your ram fully populated and you are not using  a vsimm. I wonder if that may interfer with the maximum burst size. But yeah I guess it is entirely possible that 64+byte burst is not possible to mbus. I wonder if that is also the case on xdbus. 


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