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Re: NetBSD/i386 8.0 RC1 Vs. VIA C3

Hello Andrius,

  AV> I believe you already reported this issue few times
    > in the past, including 7.0.1 (there is a bug report:
    > port-i386/51466).

    I'm nothing if not consistent. :-)  I had honestly
forgotten all about it.  Today I started downloading a
NetBSD/i386 6.1.5 image to try on the same board.  If I
am able to test that on Monday I will report back.

  AV> Unfortunately, it means the problem is pretty old
    > (possibly to the point that suspend have never
    > worked) and difficult to investigate... Can be
    > caused even by buggy BIOS.

    To provide a comparison, I will set up an Intel
Atom 230 board and try it there.  If it works on one
and not the other, then that would be a clue.

  AV> Will try to investigate a bit and see if I can
    > find anything.


-Andy Ball

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