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Re: NetBSD/i386 8.0 RC1 Vs. VIA C3

Hello Andrius,

  AV> I believe you already reported this issue few times in
    > the past, including 7.0.1 (there is a bug report:
    > port-i386/51466).

    I'd say we can close that PR.  Testing suggests this is a
mainboard firmware issue that the vendor is unlikely to fix.
I swapped the VIA EPIA M10000 board for an Intel D945GCLF
(1.6 GHz Atom 230).

    apm -S sort-of works: display remains on and fans still
spin but the power LED changes colour and the host stops
responding to pings.  When I press a key on the keyboard the
machine wakes up and starts responding to pings.

    apm -z appears to work for suspend: display powers off,
fans and disks stop.  I think the mainboard is powering down
its PS/2 keyboard interface which means it won't wake up when
I press a key.  I see no link lights on the network interface
and it doesn't respond to a Wake-on-LAN packet.  If I press
the power button the power LED changes colour, fans and disks
spin up but the screen doesn't light and I can't ping it.

    I have what I believe to be newer firmware for the D945
GCLF board but haven't found a way to upgrade it.  At this
point I don't think the issues are NetBSD-specific and even
if they were, the new board is capable of running NetBSD/
amd64 so they would be a topic for another list.

  - Andy Ball

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