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Re: NetBSD/i386 8.0 RC1 Vs. VIA C3

In article <alpine.BSO.2.21.1806071443530.91107%grex.org@localhost>,
Andy Ball  <ball%grex.org@localhost> wrote:
>Hello Andrius,
>   AV> S1 state can be possibly enabled in BIOS?  VT310-DP
>     > has an options to enable S1, S3 or S1&S3. I tried apm
>     > -z on my system  (VT310-DP), it ended up with system
>     > crash... However, I have never tried to use suspend
>     > before, possibly the issue is not new.
>    I have just changed "ACPI Suspend Type" in the CMOS
>setup from "S3(STR)" to "S1&S3".  Now, if I attempt apm -S
>the host locks up after "acpi0: entering state S1".  It also
>still hangs if I attempt apm -z. Please let me know if there
>is some way I can help with testing.

Did this work with -7?


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