Index of netbsd-bugs for July, 1999

07/01/1999 bin/7887: savecore dumps core if bounds unwriteable
Manuel Bouyer lib/7888: new malloc doesn't compile on sparc
VaX#n8 err(3) after daemon(3) in update(8)
Bill Sommerfeld Re: err(3) after daemon(3) in update(8)
Mike Pelley pkg/7890: Cyrus package does not create Cyrus user
erik@mediator.uni-c. port-macppc/7891: macppc lacks definition of _insque
Jason R Thorpe bin/7892: scary assembler message when building ping6
ahorn@anim.dreamwork pkg/7893: possible bug in pkgsrc 'make clean' target
Chris G. Demetriou Re: port-macppc/7891: macppc lacks definition of _insque
Jason Thorpe Re: port-macppc/7891: macppc lacks definition of _insque
Giles Lean Re: err(3) after daemon(3) in update(8)
Erik Bertelsen Re: port-macppc/7891: macppc lacks definition of _insque
Frederick Bruckman port-mac68k/7895: kernel build fails, netbsd-mac68k-1.4-release
Eric Mumpower kern/7896: No kernel support for SIIG "Cyber I/O PCI" (serial/parallel)
07/03/1999 kern/7897: 1.4-branch kernel crash in amap_copy() bin/7898: rc scripts invocation of gated fails because of path lossage.
Luke Mewburn lib/7899: getaddrinfo() / resolver weirdness with cnames and ipv6 port-i386/7900: type in man page
Mason Loring Bliss bin/7901: ftp warning message (malloc) pkg/7902: a2ps fails to build (patches fail)
Harry W. Waddell kern/7903: usb keyboard detatch causes panic install/7905: former md_copy_filesystem() should be turned into a utility optio
Bill Sommerfeld kern/7906: races involving umount -f
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino kern/7907: pcic without slot
07/04/1999 pkg/7910: pine package does not make on NetBSD/sparc 1.3.2 pkg/7909: IRC II package does not compiled on NetBSD/sparc 1.3.2
Antti Kantee pkg/7911: upgrade xsidplay to 1.3.8
Bernd Ernesti bin/7912: resolver problems in ftp
Dave Huang kern/7913: Error in ncr(4) manpage pkg/7915: pkgsrc/games/nighthawk doesn't play nice with ELF
Michael Richardson pkg/7916: install -s fails on scripts pkg/7917: Checksum mismatch for radius/radius.3.6B-skey.tar.gz
Antti Kantee bin/7918: sidtune support for file(1) install/7919: Solaris 2.6 complains about NetBSD 1.4 CD, Volume @ pkg/7920: NetAtalk config files not included in package kern/7921: ah_core.c won't compile w/out INET6 bin/7923: bin: pkg_create says @display will use more(1), pkg_add doesn't kern/7922: ah_core.c won't compile w/out INET6 kern/7924: ipsec.c won't compile w/out INET6 kern/7925: ipcomp_{in,out}put.c won't build without INET6 pkg/7926: New pkg : japanese/postgresql port-i386/7927: usr.bin/ldd/ldd_elf does not compile on NetBSD/i386
Carl Shapiro bin/7928: mtree(1) ignores the "md5" keyword
Havard.Eidnes@runit. pkg/7929: a2ps patch fails kern/7931: COMPAT_AOUT kernel option is dependent on COMPAT_13 and other COMPAT standards/7932: sbrk() man page and prototype violate XPG kern/7933: brk/sbrk are strangely implemented kern/7934: misc. problems remaining in brk/sbrk main page kern/7935: mmap(2) API incompletely documented
SUNAGAWA Keiki install/7936: make release misses some stuff not compiled on powerpc lib/7937: malloc/sbrk interaction poorly documented
Dan Winship Re: install/7936: make release misses some stuff not compiled on powerpc
David Brownlee Re: install/7936: make release misses some stuff not compiled on
07/07/1999 port-mac68k/7938: kernel panic when accessing iomega HFS zip disk
Bjoern Labitzke kern/7939: Usage of ulpt0 crashs the system
07/08/1999 pkg/7940: kdelibs 1.1.1 package make fails with 'ld: /usr/lib/c++rt0.o: illegal
ghudson@MIT.EDU bin/7941: inetd stores a pid in a short
SUNAGAWA Keiki pkg/7942: Pakage for ruby-1.3.4 kern/7943: occasional lookup failures
Wolfgang Rupprecht bin/7945: dhclient logs continous errors with ipv6
Bill Sommerfeld kern/7946: neighbor discovery tries to block at interrupt level. kern/7947: ipf problem
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni kern/7948: problems with vr driver
Eric Mumpower pkg/7949: id3ed won't build?
Kip Rugger port-i386/7950: i386 port lacks full dos mbr support
kuebart@mathematik.u kern/7951: cd9660 does not understand Microsoft Joliet extensions
Dave Huang kern/7952: printf format warnings if IPSEC_DEBUG defined
Dave Huang kern/7953: IPv6 checksum calculation incorrect on alpha
07/10/1999 kern/7954: nullfs panic when accessing front and back layers simultaneously
Hubert Feyrer bin/7955: "route show" truncates output pkg/7956: pkgsrc is broken, in weird ways
Mario Kemper lib/7957: set LD_LIBRARY_PATH can crash linux binaries
VaX#n8 bin/7958: indent(1) could use a tab-aware flag for line wrap
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/7959: postgresql-patching fails
Bjoern Labitzke pkg/7960: kdelibs not building anymore
Bjoern Labitzke Re: pkg/7959: postgresql-patching fails
Mario Kemper kern/7961: procfs is broken in -current port-i386/7963: port-i386: lpt0 driver causes panic in lockmgr port-i386/7964: port-i386: lpt0 driver causes panic in lockmgr bin/7965: Can't use IPv4 on ftp(1) (via ftp/http proxy) and telnet(1)
07/12/1999 pkg/7969: gd software has been withdrawn by Tom Boutell
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/7970: craft-3.5 does not compile
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/7967: freetype-1.1 doesn't compile pkg/7968: games/xscrabble submission
George Navas port-i386/7971: fatal page fault in supervisor mode
Chris G. Demetriou Re: port-i386/7971: fatal page fault in supervisor mode
Matthias Scheler lib/7966: IPv6 resolver changes break nslookup
m netbsd on sparc via linux - netinstall port-i386/7972: fixed match for SIS 85C503 pci-isa bridge pkg/7973: ssh ipv6 patchs are ignore
Hal Murray kern/7975: Net install doesn't work on systems with quad eepro100
Bernd Ernesti bin/7976: ftp(1) EPSV support is broken
07/13/1999 bin/7977: ftp(1) time estimation is too optimistic on slow network
Matthias Pfaller port-arm32/7978: mmap problems on arm32
John Kohl bin/7979: krb v4 encrypted telnet doesn't work anymore
TheMan bin/7980: comsat doesn't play too well with procmail
Matthias Scheler kern/7981: Enabling the IP Filter LKM causes kernel panel
07/14/1999 misc/7984: Build failure for -current as of July 14
Joseph Myers bin/7987: [PATCH] More battlestar(6) spelling fixes
Joseph Myers bin/7985: [PATCH] games/adventure/setup.c bug fix
Joseph Myers bin/7988: [PATCH] Boggle: use symbolic name for SEEK_SET
Joseph Myers bin/7986: [PATCH] Fish pager handling
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/7989: cleanup of README.html generation code
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/7990: kdebase: kcminfo enhancements kern/7991: UMAX Astra 1220s scanner scsi quirk update
Joseph Myers bin/7994: [PATCH] Wump const fix
Joseph Myers bin/7992: [PATCH] Backgammon scoring fix
Joseph Myers bin/7993: [PATCH] dm: patch to use const
TheMan bin/7995: comsat doesn't play too well with procmail and has a bug
Ed Gould port-i386/7996: panic: pagedaemon: clean anon page without backing store?
John Kohl kern/7997: no emulation for linux SIOCGIFHWADDR pkg/7999: pkg/7998:
John Kohl pkg/8000: ghostscript is missing some interim patches
bgrayson@ece.utexas. kern/8001: ix* w/ 16KB unhappy
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/8002: vim syntax highlighting enhancements for Python & Oracle SQL
Frank Kardel bin/8003: routed not processing variable subnets correctly via rip_v2 lib/8004: namespace pollution (type "free_func") in zlib.h
Joseph Myers bin/8005: [PATCH] Adventure `saved' cleanup pkg/8007: I'd like to submit a package I've made for the PHYLIP programs
Wolfgang Rupprecht pkg/8008: lsof ipv6 fix
lacas@logique.jussie install/8009: sysinst confused/garbled after failure of sets install pkg/8011: mkisofs generates bad images: corrupted files
Curt Sampson misc/8010: inconsistencies in /usr/share/misc/acronyms
John Kohl lib/8013: where is <elf.h>?
Joseph Myers bin/8014: [PATCH] Arithmetic(6) cleanup
Joseph Myers bin/8016: [PATCH] Adventure saved file handling
Joseph Myers bin/8015: [PATCH] Atc security kern/8018: Sun4c-only kernel won't boot. bin/8019: libbfd warning on sparc kern/8017: Display is still white on black on IPC
Andrew Gillham port-i386/8020: i386/conf/DISKLESS refers to old driver misc/8021: [PATCH] man mount_procfs doesn't describe /proc/#/cmdline
Krister Walfridsson bin/8022: games/mille don't build
Bernd Ernesti kern/8023: panic: amap_unadd: nothing there
Joseph Myers bin/8024: [PATCH] Backgammon gid revoke
Takahiro Kambe pkg/8025: OpenSSL packge broken under ELF environment?
Mason Loring Bliss bin/8026: dhclient-script patch
Giles Lean standards/8027: link(1) and unlink(1) commands missing pkg/8028: XmHTML ELF problems
Jaromir Dolecek kern/8029: BSDi emulation needs COMPAT_13
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/8030: mod_ssl: version 2.2.8 is not available, use latest 2.3.6
Jaromir Dolecek pkg/8031: kde::kcminfo should print PCI & IO ports info lib/8032: hp->h_addr_list no longer 32bit aligned after IPv6
Charles M. Hannum kern/8033: ELF modload causes kernel crash when trying to load a.out
tobi@holmes.physcip. port-alpha/8037: Problems with MSDOSFS on DEC 3000 (port-alpha)
Joseph Myers bin/8039: [PATCH] Trek const patch
Ed Gould kern/8041: USB/ugen cleanup problems
Charlie Root port-alpha/8043: shmget fails on alpha
07/22/1999 pkg/8047: openldap package builds incorrectly against libwrap pkg/8046: openldap package builds incorrectly against libwrap
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni pkg/8048: net/sniffit fails to build AND doesn't enable interactive mode install/8049: sysinst doesn't like gateway? bin/8050: unistd.h doesn't work with -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 kern/8051: Nullfs readdir panic when mounted from NFS lib/8052: wrong behaviour of packet filtering over PPP interfaces
Charlie Root pkg/8053: qpopper requires IPv6
07/24/1999 kern/8054: VR bug? pool_get must have NOWAIT
Dave Huang kern/8055: Sending VSTATUS char causes crash in ttyinfo
Joseph Myers bin/8056: [PATCH] Atc memory allocation checks
Joseph Myers bin/8057: [PATCH] More backgammon(6) const fixes
Joseph Myers bin/8058: [PATCH] Atc unused parameters
Dave Huang port-mac68k/8059: Typo in mac68k MAKEDEV wrt. dialout tty device
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu misc/8060: gprof man page
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu misc/8061: audio(4) man page pkg/8063: distfile for devel/libslang no longer exists
Joseph Myers bin/8062: [PATCH] Atc: use getopt
Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pi bin/8064: YP server tools (mknetid, makedbm, yppush) not working OK bin/8065: processes using openlog() can become disconnected from syslogd's log kern/8066: StarMax booting from IDE drive hangs at probing wdc1 pkg/8067: coda5_* missing ncurses depenedency
Andreas Gustafsson install/8068: 1.4 displays bogus network defaults
Matthias Buelow security/8069: man(1) vulnerability
Dave Huang pkg/8071: Some ELF fixes for netpbm package
Dave Huang pkg/8072: devel/libslang package busted
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu bin/8073: mv -i asks for non-existant source files
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni lib/8075: malloc.conf(5) manpage is missing/malloc(3) manpage is incomplete
Joseph Myers bin/8082: [PATCH] Backgammon attributes
Joseph Myers bin/8081: [PATCH] Backgammon bug fix
Joseph Myers bin/8080: [PATCH] Backgammon malloc checks
Andrew Brown Re: lib/8075: malloc.conf(5) manpage is missing/malloc(3) manpage is incomplete
Ed Gould kern/8083: Short transfers from bulk ugen devices lose
Mason Loring Bliss kern/8084: savecore: reboot after panic: tcp_reass_lock
Joseph Myers bin/8085: [PATCH] Battlestar save file handling 2
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8086: ntp-4.0.94a.tar.gz in packages/distfiles is broken
wiz@danbala.ifoer.tu pkg/8087: CompuPic dumps core in on NetBSD-1.4/i386 pkg/8088: The teTeX distribution has moved (slightly)
07/27/1999 pkg/8089: Package Update: tfkiss-1.0.5 -> tfkiss-1.1.0
Luke Mewburn install/8090: extraction of distribution tarfiles with pax trashs local symlink
Joseph Myers bin/8092: [PATCH] Backgammon executable save files relic
Joseph Myers bin/8091: [PATCH] Atc getAChar() cleanup
Joseph Myers bin/8093: [PATCH] Bcd const/unsigned fixes pkg/8094: Submitting a package for the Clustal W software (biology category) pkg/8095: Submitting a package for the fastDNAml software (biology category)
Charles M. Hannum xsrc/8097: xsm core dumps on DNS failure
Charles M. Hannum xsrc/8096: SuperProbe doesn't work with wscons
Charles M. Hannum install/8098: sysinst can't install secr/crypto set
Charles M. Hannum install/8099: changing the default time zone is non-obvious
Charles M. Hannum misc/8100: suggested additions to games hierarchy
07/28/1999 bin/8101: inetd doesn't take care of foo[46] in all places
Joseph Myers bin/8103: [PATCH] Worm display fix
Joseph Myers bin/8104: [PATCH] Backgammon trivial fix
Joseph Myers bin/8102: [PATCH] Bcd(6) references
Joseph Myers bin/8105: [PATCH] Adventure extern/common fixes bin/8107: badsect fails after transition to ELF (i386)
Erik E. Fair misc/8108: The NetBSD Project should recommend books on UNIX system admin & sec
deberg@MIT.EDU misc/8109: exports(5) doesn't reflect reality
Wolfgang Rupprecht pkg/8110: the pkgsrc inn installs dozens of admin files in /usr/pkg/bin
Charles M. Hannum kern/8111: compat/aout causes lossage with LKM syscalls
Charles M. Hannum misc/8112: crypto reachover is an administrative nightmare
07/29/1999 pkg/8113: a package for those who need to upgrade to BIND-8.2.1 immediately
Christoph Badura Re: pkg/8110: the pkgsrc inn installs dozens of admin files in /usr/pkg/bin
Hubert Feyrer Re: pkg/8110: the pkgsrc inn installs dozens of admin files in
Charles M. Hannum kern/8115: wskbd keymap configuration is insufficiently flexible
Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni xsrc/8116: make clean && make build fails pkg/8117: sendmail 8.9.3 pkg defaulting to db 2.x causes problems
Lennart Augustsson kern/8118: shutdown often fails to be clean
Soren S. Jorvang Re: kern/7216: i82559 receive hang with fxp driver
Johan Danielsson Re: kern/7216: i82559 receive hang with fxp driver
Johan Danielsson Re: kern/7216: i82559 receive hang with fxp driver bin/8119: change in get_myaddress breaks rpc.bootparamd
Ed Gould port-i386/8120: cpu_reset() is unreliable
Jason R Thorpe port-sparc/8121: rasops still not quite right on cgsix
Mario Kemper Re: xsrc/8116: make clean && make build fails port-amiga/8122: NetBSD not booting
Wolfgang Rupprecht pkg/8123: lsof version 4.45 (w. ipv6 support)
Bjoern Labitzke Re: kern/8118: shutdown often fails to be clean
Wolfgang Rupprecht Re: kern/8118: shutdown often fails to be clean
Bjoern Labitzke Re: kern/8118: shutdown often fails to be clean
Charles M. Hannum bin/8124: Recent BFD change breaks Emacs
Takahiro Kambe pkg/8125: netatalk package broken on ELF environment.