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Re: DS207 fails to auto boot (Bad Magic Number)


> > Seems I never comitted your 8 descriptor solution, because we were not
> > sure if this is the best fix. Can you provide an 8-descriptor altboot
> > to Nick for testing?

> I can git it a try if Julian can provide an altboot for me.

I've compiled a version of altboot with 8 receive descriptors and put it at:


The patch that I used is also there (has debugging hooks and multicast
filter setup, although the filter setup didn't do anything).  Looking at
this again, I wonder if the problem is that we don't invalidate the
receive descriptor if we receive a broadcast or multicast packet.  That
might mean that the chip thinks that it can't write to one or more of
the descriptors, and so it drops subsequent packets.  I'll try and set
up my DS207 to test that later in the week.



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