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Re: DS207 fails to auto boot (Bad Magic Number)

2013/12/30 Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost>
On Sat, 28 Dec 2013 22:06:43 +0100
Nick Østergaard <oe.nick%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> I have a DS207, which I decided to install netbsd on.

The DS207 is listed as being successfully tested, although not by me.
So I hope this is correct. :)

Indeed it works now, though with a bit modified approach than described in the wiki. Basically the commands described in theis mail, and using the .img instead of .bin as you pointed out.

> The difference in this and the wiki is that I use tftpload for the
> netbsd-INSTALL file also, rather than using go 1000000
> tftp:netbsd-INSTALL, which did not work at all.

Can you provide some more information about the problem?

Did altboot detect and initialize your network interface? There should
be a Marvell 88E8001 on the board, using the sk(4) driver.

Otherwise altboot would print: "no NET device driver was found".

Or were there any problems with DHCP? Altboot tries to retrieve the
client and server IP address. Maybe the MAC address did not match?
Check the log file of your DHCP server.

The network seems to work fine on my network (tftpload works) even with 1000Mbps-FDX here illustrated with a 100Mbps switch (works the same without).

_MPC824X > go 1000000 tftp:netbsd-INSTALL

## Starting application at 0x01000000 ...

>> NetBSD/sandpoint altboot, revision 1.9
>> Synology DS, cpu 265 MHz, bus 132 MHz, 64MB SDRAM
port 0 present
wd0: <Corsair CSSD-F60GB2> DMA LBA LBA48 57241 MB
wd0: no disklabel
MAC address 00:11:32:03:52:af
Hit any key to enter interactive mode: 2
Hit any key to enter interactive mode: 1
Hit any key to enter interactive mode: 0

load failed. Restarting...

> _MPC824X > protect off ffc00000 ffc1ffff
> Un-Protected 2 sectors

Did you check whether ffc00000 is really the correct address for the
boot image? Type "printenv" in PPCBoot and look for the line starting
with "bootcmd=".

Yes, the address is correct, printenv tells me:
bootcmd=bootm FFC00000 FFE00000

> But it does not auto boot, I get the following boot message.
> [...]
> Press Ctrl+C to abort autoboot in 1 second
> ## Booting image at ffc00000 ...

Ok. This message tells us at least that ffc00000 was correct. ;)

> Bad Magic Number
> _MPC824X >
> I have no idea where to go from here. Any help to getting the autoboot
> work will be appreciated.

The 2007 PPCBoot firmware usually has something like
  bootcmd=bootm FFC00000 FFE00000
stored in the environment.

"bootm" means that it wants to boot an UBoot-image, so you cannot simply
copy a raw binary there. The UBoot image has a header, which is the
reason that it prints "Bad Magic Number", because the header is missing.

To make it short: You have to use altboot.img instead of altboot.bin. :)

Frank Wille
Ahh, YES, that was my mistake. i completely forgot the thing about the different altboot files. So merely the only thing I did differnet than from the wiki was to do:
tftpload 2000000 netbsd-INSTALL
go 1000000 mem:2000000 debug

Instead of:
go 1000000 tftp:netbsd-INSTALL

And of course us the .img altboot version, _as explained_ in the wiki, to make it automatically boot. "Load altboot.img into memory, for example at 0x1000000 again [...]"

Thank you.

[wiki]: http://www.netbsd.org/ports/sandpoint/instSynology.html

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