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Re: DS207 fails to auto boot (Bad Magic Number)

On Mon, 30 Dec 2013 14:41:58 +0000
Julian Coleman <jdc%coris.org.uk@localhost> wrote:

> > The chip didn't receive a single ethernet frame. I have seen that
> > before.
> I saw this when I was trying to netboot my DS207, and I ended up
> increasing the number of receive descriptors to 8 in altboot.  See the
> thread "Synology PPCBoot SK98 network bug fix" starting at:
>   http://mail-index.NetBSD.org/port-sandpoint/2011/05/thread1.html

Oh, yes, now I remember where I saw that problem! :|

> (I never did manage to get altboot to netboot on the DS207 with the
> default 2 receive descriptors.)  Not sure if this is the same problem
> though.

Quite likely. Maybe Nick can test if it works any better on an isolated
network (server and client only)?

Seems I never comitted your 8 descriptor solution, because we were not
sure if this is the best fix. Can you provide an 8-descriptor altboot
to Nick for testing?

Frank Wille

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