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Re: DS207 fails to auto boot (Bad Magic Number)

2013/12/31 Julian Coleman <jdc%coris.org.uk@localhost>

> > Seems I never comitted your 8 descriptor solution, because we were not
> > sure if this is the best fix. Can you provide an 8-descriptor altboot
> > to Nick for testing?

> I can git it a try if Julian can provide an altboot for me.

I've compiled a version of altboot with 8 receive descriptors and put it at:


I had no success to netboot with the altboot with 8 descriptors provided by Julian.

_MPC824X > tftpload 1000000 altboot8desc.bin
ARP broadcast 1
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'altboot8desc.bin'.
Load address: 0x1000000
Loading: #################
Bytes transferred = 86272 (15100 hex)
_MPC824X > go 1000000 tftp:netbsd-INSTALL
## Starting application at 0x01000000 ...

>> NetBSD/sandpoint altboot, revision 1.10 (Tue Dec 31 12:17:02 GMT 2013)
>> Synology CS/DS/RS, cpu 265 MHz, bus 132 MHz, 64MB SDRAM
port 0 present
wd0: <ST31000528AS> DMA LBA LBA48 953869 MB
wd0a: ffs    (63)
wd0b: swap    (1953261135)
MAC address 00:11:32:01:65:56
Hit any key to enter interactive mode: 0
load failed. Restarting...

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