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Defaulting to wscons enabled NetBSD/amiga GENERIC kernels (or not)

So, I've been having a little look at what this might take, and...
it's a little complicated )

(This is more for anyone wanting to come back to this in future)

NetBSD/amiga comes with several kernel options
- AMIGA (which includes the DRACO kernel and removes a few draco
specific devices)
- DRACO (built from the GENERIC.in template, with DRACO (and AMGIA)
only options)
- GENERIC (built from the GENERIC.in template)
- INSTALL (built from the GENERIC.in template, similar to GENERIC but reduced)
- RAMDISK (includes INSTALL and enabled md ramdisk)
- WSCONS (includes GENERIC then turns off ite console and enables wscons)

Plus MDINSTALL, which appears to be an ancient and no longer buildable config

So, ignoring MDINSTALL, we have 5 kernels using ite and one with
wscons. My first pass was to try to
- Switch GENERIC to use wscons
- Add an ITE config which took GENERIC and disabled all the wscons and added ite

That _almost_ works, except that wscons does not (yet) support retina
II, retina III or A2410, which means the DRACO config would not work,
and would leave us with a "GENERIC" which doesn't support  those three
card types or dracos, which feels like too much of a regression.

So I'm inclined to defer this for now, until someone has a chance to
add wscons support for at least some of those.

On that note - is there anyone interested in writing support for any
of those if someone could get them access to hardware?


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