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netbsd-10, merging device-streams (xstreamtodev, rdbinfo)


A while back, I updated device-streams, motivated by awareness it
clobbered data if writes were done above 32bit offsets, which is very
easy to do as the program targets partitions, they can exist above 4GB
boundary and large disks are common today.

This tool is present in the netbsd tree as uuencoded binaries and a tarball.


Thus, I worked on a separate git repository.


The work done could be summarized as the removal of dependency on the
old commercial compiler (SAS/C) it was written for, and the removal of
32bit offsets. The program now supports Trackdisk64 and NSD, the newer
AmigaOS 64bit disk access APIs, while otherwise preventing overflow
when only the old 32bit API is available.

Back in September/October, Frank Wille took a look at my changes to
the code and helped me with getting it to work on vbcc. Thus, the code
can be built with bebbo/amiga-gcc (oss) and vbcc (free as in beer)

Binaries (built with bebbo's gcc) can be found in github's releases
page and in aminet at:


Seeing that netbsd 10 is branched, it would be good to have it merged
into current and netbsd-10 branches before the release.

This could be achieved by simply updating the UUCP'd tarball and
binary, but some consideration should be given to the possibility of
incorporating the source code into a directory. Note that, being an
AmigaOS tool, it cannot be built from the netbsd tree with the netbsd

Best Regards,

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