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Re: loadbsd and color Xorg wsfb/Amiga current status

David Brownlee wrote Mon, 20 Feb 2023 17:17:36 +0000:
> > Looks like amiga/dev/amidisplaycc.c 1.40 provides support for a multi
> > bitplane wsfb? But I have no idea what else is required.
> Apologies to Jukka for just cc-ing him in mid-thread, but... have just
> done that :)
> Jukka, would you be able to shed any light as to where NetBSD/amiga
> might be with respect to possible Amiga planar format support to Xorg?

In addition to the above there are also the wsfb driver changes:
(at least 1.38 to 1.42 is needed)
and xorg-server 1.20 is also needed.

Those changes are now in -current and netbsd-10 branches.
netbsd-9 branch has just the simple monochrome support.

> On a related note - is anyone aware of any reason why the GENERIC
> amiga kernels can't be switched to wscons, with a fallback ite enabled
> kernel just in case?

No objection from me.


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