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Re: Jumping cursor in modular-xorg-server- (was: modular-xorg and DRM/DRI checkpoint)

On 7/7/08, Chavdar Ivanov <> wrote:
> On 07/07/2008, Joel CARNAT <> wrote:
>> >>
>>  >> I have finished rebuilding the whole 're)compilation with fresh
>> pkgsrc,
>>  >>  pkgsrc-wip and mk.conf on my Eee PC (Intel 82915GM/GMS,82910GML) and
>> I
>>  >>  don't have this behaviour. Still having glxgears/glxinfo cores when
>>  >>  terminated though.

FWIW, this only seems to happen with intel cards.
I have no such problems with my radeon.

I would love to resolve this issue, but haven't
been having much luck in doing so.  Perhaps
my mesa "pthread hack" (see in MesaLib)
has something to do with this, but I have no idea why it would.

Right now mrg@ and I are working on getting the
newest drm sources into our tree--perhaps this will solve it.  We're almost
there; the big problem right now is that upon attachment, the PCI
information about the card
comes up as null (!).  Very frustrating.

Moreover, mesa/drm are in a state of radical flux
these days--I'm still not certain about what
their ultimate plan is concerning various things.
After the pkgsrc freeze, though, we will have an update to
libdrm-2.3.1, FWIW (this does not fix this issue--just letting you
guys know about it).

Mesa-7.1's going to be a lot of "fun", too!

Thanks for all of the testing, and i hope to resolve this issue soon.
If anyone has any ideas,
please do not hesitate to contact me.



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