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modular-xorg and DRM/DRI checkpoint


I'm going for a brand install of 4.99.67/i386.
I'm gonna install modular-xorg-server and drm (for Intel) and would like
to make sure I use the right pkgsrc (that is, drop any bad habbit I got
since I do it :)

Here's what I understood from pkgsrc state (correct me if I'm wrong please):
- pkgsrc-2008Q1 has no DRM working x11/modular-xorg-server, because 1.3.x
is liked to Mesa 6.x, right ?
- pkgsrc-HEAD is in the same state for the same reason.
- pkgsrc-wip has a working wip/modular-xorg-server which is the one that
has to be installed to use DRM.

What I use to do is:
- cvs up to -HEAD pkgsrc and pkgsrc-wip.
- install wip/modular-xorg-server ( because nb3 seems to have
weird distinfo and patch issue at compilation)
- install x11/xf86-video-intel
- install the rest (xf86-input-keyboad and mouse, fonts, xinit, ...)

When doing this, DRI seem to somehow work:
- I can play tuxracer.
- glxgears give around 350fps when linux ubuntu give around 500 when
live-CD booted.
- any DRI application cores when it quits saying things about threads.
- the libdrm-atomic.diff patch has error with some x11/libdrm patches
(from -HEAD) - patch-aa and patch-ai (from memory). It seems to be
partially integrated in pkgsrc-HEAD.

Before starting the whole compilation process for my new 4.99.67 system, I
would like to be sure which version/branch to use.

- Should I rather use pkgsrc-2008Q1 (and apply libdrm-atomic patch) and
wip-HEAD, or pkgsrc-HEAD (with or w/o libdrm-atomic patch) and wip-HEAD ?
- Which version of modular-xorg-server, MesaLib are best to be used ?
- Does the "core on quit because of threading" is the best I can get for
now ?


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