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Re: Subversion without python and/or Ruby?

Eric Gillespie wrote:
> 2. Isn't Sun Java becoming free software anyway?  So isn't that
>    argument moot?

   When that happens, yes. Though if I understood it correctly, no one
knows when it will happen.

> I find the portabilty argument compelling, though.  Again, it
> seems that should be knowable by subversion/Makefile.  If it
> isn't, the -java option is the next best thing.
> I'm not opposed to anyone making either of the changes :)

   I prefer a way to globally disable java, even if my platform supports
it. (It's not an option I'd use, had I the possibility to run Java,
since I want to run Freenet, but I know others who'd love to be able to
disable java globally).

   For future pkgsrc development:

   While thinking about this I realized that it would be neat to have
two types of dependencies: optional, and required/critical. If I chose
to "disable" java, it wouldn't build java as a dependency when I install
subversion or firefox. But it would build java if I build Freenet --
because java is a critical dependency. Just a thought.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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