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Subversion without python and/or Ruby?

Hi there. I'm not sure who owns pkgsrc/devel/subversion, but I was trying to install it today on my server, so I could set up subversion repositories. I had already built subversion-base, for the client, but wanted the server out of the apache I had.

It appears that subversion *insists* on building ${PYPKGPREFIX}- subversion-${SVNVER} *and* ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-subversion-${SVNVER}. But, I didn't have, and don't want, either python or ruby installed on this machine. I don't need the subversion modules for them.

Can someone make those optional build components of subversion, as they are in the distribution of subversion, so that they can be turned off for pkgsrc builds of subversion? It might be worth turning off the requirement for apache, in-case anyone is just wanting to run svnserve, but that's not my case, and I want the apache part, so.

Thanks. I'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who knows about this sort of thing...

               - Chris

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