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Re: Subversion without python and/or Ruby?

Chris Ross wrote:
>   It appears that subversion *insists* on building
> ${PYPKGPREFIX}-subversion-${SVNVER} *and*
> ${RUBY_PKGPREFIX}-subversion-${SVNVER}.  But, I didn't have, and don't
> want, either python or ruby installed on this machine.  I don't need the
> subversion modules for them.

   Even worse -- the subversion meta package insists on "building" Sun's
JDK. Anyone have any luck installing that on a NetBSD/amd64 system?

   Subversion, Python, Ruby, et. al. Are extremly portable -- Java is
not. I see no reason to disable the subversion meta package for all the
non-i386 users out there.

   Subversion already uses the options framework -- wouldn't it make
sense to add Java as an option which isn't enabled by default?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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