Index of pkgsrc-bugs for November, 2004

moriko@hh.iij4u.or.j pkg/27734: mail/clamav: option is not changeable pkg/27744: mysql4-client breaks on build pkg/27757: pkgsrc-current/devel/boehm-gc doesn't compile on sparc64
jneitzel@sdf.lonesta pkg/27765: pkgsrc/shells/osh - upstream release is at 041028 pkg/27768: math/aribas seems to have problems running pkg/27769: net/xtraceroute does not find traceroute binary (IRIX 5.3) pkg/27770: net/xtraceroute does not find traceroute binary (IRIX 5.3)
11/02/2004 pkg/27775: programs compiled with gcc34 don't find gcc34's libraries
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/27777: nano plays poorly with BSD curses
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/27778: want to add sysutils/cpmtools package pkg/27788: kdegames3 (3.3.1?) fails to build on 2.0-release
S.P.Zeidler pkg/27796: www/apache2 build missing -lpthread in support and modules pkg/27805: distfile missing for audio/tracker
Sergey Svishchev pkg/27804: lang/py-psyco 1.2 is broken on NetBSD (patch available) pkg/27807: pnet is outdated!!! pkg/27823: graphics/exif doesn't compile since update.
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= devel/cpuflags delivers wrong value on macppc (Power Mac G4)
David Brownlee Re: devel/cpuflags delivers wrong value on macppc (Power Mac G4) pkg/27847: vms-empire is outdated.
11/04/2004 pkg/27870: mail/gmime need devel/zlib to be build pkg/27875: lintpkgsrc(1) generate many `uninitialized value' warnings pkg/27884: Use of librfuncs breaks gpgme pkg/27886: net/host doesn't builds on FreeBSD
Roberto Alves Divulgação por email pkg/27992: build of fam-2.7.0 fails in -current pkg/28001: devel/librfuncs dies on configure pkg/28002: What's going on with some of the php4-* pkgs?
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= None
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= php-apc-2.0.4 fails, apache doesn't start pkg/28014: Update of lang/cdl3 package to version 1.2.5
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= why is clamscan disabled by default in clamav-0.80nb3? pkg/28016: libGL is not linked against libm and libXext, but needs both pkg/28017: fix for windowmaker on solaris pkg/28018: typo in Makefile of misc/udfclient
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= nessus dies with SIGSEGV from
Hisashi T Fujinaka pkg/28035: Returned mail: see transcript for details (fwd)
Jaromir Dolecek Re: php-apc-2.0.4 fails, apache doesn't start pkg/28032: gettext can't find expat library pkg/28059: devel/ffcall does not compile on IRIX 5.3
11/07/2004 pkg/28072: devel/gmp expects "o32" as ABI on IRIX5
Konstantin KABASSANOV link problem with freeradius
11/08/2004 pkg/28076: net/wistumbler2.00-pre9 does not compile without GTK2
Konstantin.Kabassanov pkg/28095: freeradius-1.0.1nb3 from pkgsrc crashes when using EAP-PEAP
chriswareham@chriswa pkg/28097: Package for Enlightenment window manager menu editor pkg/28106: update [graphics/cairo] pkg/28107: update [graphics/glitz] pkg/28108: update pkg/28111: update pkg/28112: update [security/gnustep-ssl] pkg/28114: gnustep-back need freetype2/Xft2 and ask for cairo pkg/28116: update [sysutils/gworkspace]
11/09/2004 pkg/28130: x11/vte fails to build on Solaris Re: pkg/28106 Re: pkg/28107 Re: pkg/28108 Re: pkg/28111 Re: pkg/28112 Re: pkg/28114 Re: pkg/28116
Francois Briere Re: pkg/28114 Re: pkg/27702 Re: pkg/24525
Ricardo Costa Re: Recomendação de Mala direta, email, lista de emails
11/10/2004 pkg/28162: mytop doesn't work right with mysql4-client pkg/28164: Firefox 1.0's Find does not work. Re: pkg/26540 Re: pkg/27757 Re: pkg/27120 Re: pkg/27051 Re: pkg/27058
Bill Chiarchiaro firefox 'Find' not working
Jeremy C. Reed Re: firefox 'Find' not working
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= Re: firefox 'Find' not working Re: pkg/28164
netbsd-install@home. pkg/28208: AIX has /usr/bin/chown not /usr/sbin/chown (patch included) pkg/28211: smarteiffel loops endlessly on make pkg/28216: snownews core dumps when "g: Only current category" pkg/28218: cyrus-sasl2 must match with PKGNAME pkg/28222: errors when using mysql4-client with mysql-server
Hauke Fath pkg/28230: ignores /etc/audit-packages.conf
Greg A. Woods pkg/28236: recent changes to x11/openmotif were not properly tested and are inc
Greg A. Woods pkg/28239: devel/binutils does not build properly for pkgsrc Re: pkg/19940 Re: pkg/28226 Re: pkg/28226 pkg/28258: Update pkg: devel/libstatgrab pkg/28259: databases/php-ldap broken after PHP updates
11/13/2004 Re: pkg/28164
Shin'ichiro TAYA Re: pkg/28164: Firefox 1.0's Find does not work.
Eric Gillespie pkg/28281: pkgviews breaks when LOCALBASE is a symlink Re: pkg/26865 Re: pkg/28164
Eric Gillespie [PATCH] Re: pkg/28281: pkgviews breaks when LOCALBASE is a symlink
Greg A. Woods pkg/28296: x11/ruby-tcltklib uses wrong DEPENDS relational operator, etc.
Pavel Cahyna pkg/28310: pkg_delete unable to delete multiple packages with dependencies pkg/28313: affects non-threaded .so in mysql4-client pkg/28314: emulators/palmosemulator build error on NetBSD/i386 2.0_BETA pkg/28315: mail/faces needs modifications to compile on IRIX 5 pkg/28316: mail/fetchmail compiles with IPv6 support enabled despite USE_INET6=
Simon Burge pkg/28317: databases/openldap - BerkeleyDB version incompatible Re: pkg/27272 Re: pkg/28107 Re: pkg/28108 Re: pkg/28106 Re: pkg/28112
juraj.nospam@bednar. pkg/28318: problem with compiling libsndfile-1.0.10 Re: pkg/25089 Re: pkg/28317 Re: pkg/28315 Re: pkg/28258 pkg/28321: audio/festival does not build on NetBSD/i396 -current Re: pkg/28296
Andreas Wrede Re: pkg/28321: audio/festival does not build on NetBSD/i396 -current pkg/28322: make install of subversion-base fails on NetBSD 1.6.2 i386
Eric Gillespie Re: pkg/28322: make install of subversion-base fails on NetBSD 1.6.2 i386 Re: pkg/28314
grant beattie Re: pkg/28321: audio/festival does not build on NetBSD/i396 -current Re: pkg/28112
Carl Brewer Re: pkg/28322: make install of subversion-base fails on NetBSD 1.6.2 Re: pkg/28317 Re: pkg/28112 Re: pkg/28322 Re: pkg/28281 pkg/28323: mng is not ready for pkgviews Re: pkg/28114 pkg/28326: imagemagick sources gone for 6.1.4-1, now 6.1.4-3 Re: pkg/28116 pkg/28327: Update fceu to version 0.98.12
IYODA Atsushi pkg/28328: squirrelmail XSS Patch Release for 1.4.3a Re: pkg/27303 Re: pkg/27303 Re: pkg/28326 Re: pkg/28327 Re: pkg/28328
pierre.bourgin@pcote pkg/28329: webalizer don't perform reverse DNS lookups under Solaris8 Re: pkg/28329 Re: pkg/28095 Re: pkg/28162 Re: pkg/28162 Re: pkg/28328 pkg/28330: gimp requires texproc/intltool to build Re: pkg/28313
Hisashi T Fujinaka Re: pkg/28326 Re: pkg/28330 Re: pkg/28330
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/28331: make update fails in pkgtools/pkg_install Re: pkg/28313 Re: pkg/28326 pkg/28332: pkgsrc ignores audit-packages.conf when checking vulnerabilities Re: pkg/28332 pkg/28333: chat/gaim missing file during installation Re: pkg/28333 Re: pkg/28333
Michael Wolfson Re: pkg/28333 pkg/28334: multimedia/kdemultimedia3 can't find heimdal buildlink3 file during Re: pkg/28333 Re: pkg/28334 pkg/28335: misc/kdeedu3 fails to build (call of overloaded `KStarsDateTime(int) Re: pkg/28335
11/17/2004 pkg/28336: multimedia/vlc doesn't package correctly Re: pkg/28111 pkg/28337: firefox 1.0nb1 compile on NetBSD 1.5.3 pkg/28338: KDE3 System Guard doesn't display load or memory Re: pkg/28337 Re: pkg/28338 pkg/28342: Some kde3 PLISTs may be missing files Re: pkg/28342 Re: pkg/28017 pkg/28343: perl58 and perl58-thread have the same PKGNAME Re: pkg/28343 Re: pkg/28343 pkg/28344: mail/evolution-data-server can't find db4 Re: pkg/28344
11/18/2004 Re: pkg/19218
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/28345: lintpkgsrc -i spews complaints of nonexistant files Re: pkg/28345
Juan RP Re: pkg/28345: lintpkgsrc -i spews complaints of nonexistant
dgriffi@cs.csubak.ed pkg/28346: libgda and py23pth-Numeric are unknown packages Re: pkg/28314 Re: pkg/28344 pkg/28348: devel/python-mode doesn't build (source file probably updated) pkg/28349: devel/gal2 doesn't build (parse error before ']' token) Re: pkg/28349 Re: pkg/28259 pkg/28351: postgresql74 when linked with pthreads breaks Re: pkg/28351 Re: pkg/28334
Jukka Salmi Re: pkg/28259 Re: pkg/28259
ole.hellqvist@spray. pkg/28352: rplayd cant play 16 bit stereo 44100 sample rate Re: pkg/27207
11/19/2004 pkg/28355: multimedia/ogle doesn't seem to work on macppc Re: pkg/24025 Re: pkg/28344 Re: pkg/27193 Re: pkg/28346 Re: pkg/27992
Per Amund Amundsen Pa pkg/28357: Package security/tct does not install for NetBSD.2* Re: pkg/28327 pkg/28359: GD is only used by thread programs Re: pkg/28344 Re: pkg/28349 Re: pkg/21649
11/20/2004 Re: pkg/23369 Re: pkg/28216 Re: pkg/25947 Re: pkg/26436 Re: pkg/24093 Re: pkg/23240 Re: pkg/25821 pkg/28363: www/firefox and epiphany have visual artifacts on macppc pkg/28364: x11/gnome2-terminal can't find pty Re: pkg/28363
Takahiro Kambe Re: pkg/28296: x11/ruby-tcltklib uses wrong DEPENDS relational Re: pkg/28032 pkg/28370: Apache 2.0.52 segfaults when receiving SIGHUP pkg/28371: math/py-rpy can't find R
11/21/2004 pkg/28373: several problems compiling lang/python23 on IRIX 5.3 Re: pkg/28371 Re: pkg/25906
Miguel Mendez pkg/28377: Update and pick maintainership of sysutils/gtk-send-pr Re: pkg/28373 Re: pkg/28377
Gary Duzan pkg/28381: misc/openoffice fails to build on 2.99.10 Re: pkg/28381
11/22/2004 Re: pkg/28162
Per Amund Amundsen Pa pkg/28387: Packgage doc/guide fails with ghostscript-esp-7.07.1nb2 pkg/28388: x11/py-Tk fails in patch stage Re: pkg/28388 pkg/28389: Abiword: can't use LANG=de_DE with Makefile.common rev. > 1.3 (iconv
Geoff Wing Re: pkg/24072 can be closed Re: pkg/28323 Re: pkg/24072
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/28390: package for rsltc pkg/28392: pkgsrc should use a variable name other than MAKEFILE
Rui-Xiang Guo Re: pkg/27289
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/28393: package for gentle
jphofer@stephenson.n pkg/28394: Upgrade request for 'xquote' in pkgsrc
jphofer@stephenson.n pkg/28395: Upgrade request for 'xinvest' in pkgsrc pkg/28396: firefox needs to run as root to complete installation Re: pkg/28162 Re: pkg/28222 Re: pkg/28396 Re: pkg/25075 Re: pkg/26448 Re: pkg/28394 Re: pkg/28395 Re: pkg/28390 Re: pkg/28393 pkg/28398: www/ap-perl causes Apache to dump core Re: pkg/28318
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/28403: target platform for x11/mlterm should be more widened. Re: pkg/28403
Takahiro Kambe Re: pkg/25845: libiconv patch for Japanese
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/28404: package for gentle
Marko =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sch pkg/28405: package for rsltc
Robert Elz Re: pkg/26448 Re: pkg/25845 pkg/28407: textproc/libxml2 needs update in pkgsrc-2004Q3 branch pkg/28408: Existing patches for a bug in gv breaks functionality
Juan RP Re: pkg/26448 pkg/28410: math/scilab does not build pkg/28412: SOCKS support in libwww's buildlink ? pkg/28415: Invalid Python version set by lang/python/ Re: pkg/28410
11/25/2004 Re: pkg/26612 Re: pkg/27429
iyoda-netbsd@atikoro pkg/28419: lang/python23-pth doesn't build
Ertan Payci Re: pkg/27992 Re: pkg/27992
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/28421: make update forgets some packages
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/28422: perl-5.8.5nb3 does not compile pkg/28423: gnucash does not compile Re: pkg/23683 Re: pkg/28423 Re: pkg/23683 Re: pkg/28422 Re: pkg/28398
Jukka Salmi Re: pkg/28398 Re: pkg/28398 pkg/28428: p5-Getopt-Simple needs update (patch enclosed)
11/27/2004 Re: pkg/28428 Re: pkg/26371
charlie@rubberduck.c pkg/28429: devel/p5-Net-Netmask UPDATE Re: pkg/28422
Martti Kuparinen Re: pkg/28422 Re: pkg/28429 pkg/28431: update gnuclasspath from 0.7 to 0.11 Re: pkg/25444
Per Amund Amundsen Pa pkg/28387: Packgage doc/guide fails with ghostscript-esp-7.07.1nb pkg/28433: pkgsrc value for PERL5_ARCHLIB incorrect on Darwin Re: pkg/28432 Re: pkg/28433 pkg/28432: pkgsrc should not pull in dlcompat on Darwin 7.6
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/28434: update request for inputmethod/tc pkg/28435: rss2html is outdated Re: pkg/28434 Re: pkg/28435 Re: pkg/28431 Re: pkg/27807 pkg/28436: PLIST problems gstreamer pkg/28438: pkgsrc/mail/anomy-sanitizer checksum is wrong Re: pkg/28438 Re: pkg/28436 pkg/28439: pkgsrc/mail/libesmtp needs changes to compile on IRIX 5.3 Re: pkg/28439 Re: pkg/26114 Re: pkg/26120 Re: pkg/25444 Re: pkg/26665
Georg Schwarz Re: pkg/27429 Re: pkg/27429 Re: pkg/28343
Miguel Mendez pkg/28443: Maintainer Update: sysutils/gtk-send-pr to 0.4.1 pkg/28445: devel/libtool needs lang-specific version Re: pkg/28445 pkg/28446: classpath update from 0.11 to 0.12 pkg/28447: ffmpeg 0.4.8 -> 0.4.9-pre1
Gary Duzan Re: pkg/28381 Re: pkg/26843
douglas@fang.demon.c pkg/28449: graphics/inkscape is missing a dependancy on textproc/gtkspell pkg/28451: graphics/gd has pthread build issues Re: pkg/28451
Osamu OISHI pkg/28454: update of graphics/Ngraph to 6.3.30 pkg/28455: update of x11/xcompmgr to 1.1.1 Re: pkg/28455 pkg/28456: update for audio/gmpc to 0.11.2
Osamu OISHI pkg/28457: update of misc/molden to 4.2 Re: pkg/25908 pkg/28460: New package: x11/numlockx
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/28461: update request for devel/p5-Carp-Assert
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/28462: update request for devel/p5-Class-Accessor Re: pkg/28461 Re: pkg/28462
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/28463: update request for devel/p5-Class-Factory Re: pkg/28449 pkg/28464: gpgme won't build
Juan RP Re: pkg/28464: gpgme won't build
Juan RP Re: pkg/28464: gpgme won't build
Stefan Krüger pkg/28465: xchat 2.4.1, patch attached
John R. Shannon Re: pkg/28464: gpgme won't build
Steven M. Bellovin Re: pkg/28464: gpgme won't build Re: pkg/28446 Re: pkg/28465
Steven M. Bellovin Re: pkg/28464: gpgme won't build Re: pkg/28464 Re: pkg/27220 Re: pkg/28465 Re: pkg/28451 pkg/28466: mapserver has newer versions available pkg/28467: rat has newer versions available pkg/28468: xerces-j has newer versions available Re: pkg/28468 Re: pkg/28454 Re: pkg/28466 Re: pkg/28467 Re: pkg/28456 Re: pkg/28447 Re: pkg/28463 Re: pkg/28460 Re: pkg/28443 pkg/28469: pkg update Re: pkg/28410 Re: pkg/28469 pkg/28470: lang/perl58 fails to build as cyrus-imapd22 dependency
11/30/2004 Re: pkg/28407 Re: pkg/28419 Re: pkg/25778 Re: pkg/28457 Re: pkg/28457
IYODA Atsushi Re: pkg/28419 Re: pkg/28419 Re: pkg/28404 Re: pkg/28405
thorpej@shagadelic.o pkg/28477: openssl package should provide SSLKEYS location
thorpej@shagadelic.o pkg/28478: imap-uw package should read SSL keys from separate file pkg/28479: pkgsrc/security/cfs opens ciphertext for write on read of plaintext pkg/28480: buildlink errors when using distcc Re: pkg/28423 Re: pkg/28331 Re: pkg/28331
=?iso-8859-1?q?Gr=E9goir Re: pkg/28410 pkg/28481: libpcap
iharding@destinydata pkg/28482: Windowmaker package doesn't build. pkg/28483: biology/hmmer is out of date
oshimaya@sc.starcat. pkg/28484: Wrong ruby16 MESSAGE - RUBY_VERSION_DEFAULT Re: pkg/28410
juan@xtraeme.nopcode pkg/28485: ap-php broken