Index of pkgsrc-bugs for October, 2004

10/01/2004 pkg/27100: naming of new package cad/tnt conflicts with existing package ham/tn
Miguel Mendez pkg/27101: emulators/xmame needs to install xml2info
Wouter Schoot pkg/27103: upgrade chat/bitlbee to 0.91 pkg/27104: and using WRKOBJDIR under LOCALBASE pkg/27105: net/hlfl bug fix pkg/27106: devel/gettext bmake install/deinstall error on Solaris 8 pkg/27107: devel/gmake bmake install/deinstall error on Solaris 8 pkg/27108: archives/gtar-base bmake install problem on Solaris 8 pkg/27109: devel/gtexinfo bmake install/deinstall error on Solaris 8 pkg/27111: net/userppp is unable to change MTU value while connecting
10/02/2004 pkg/27117: pnmblip references /usr/bin/perl
Darrin B.Jewell pkg/27119: new pkg for ntfsprogs-1.9.4
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/27116: devel/glib needs to correct permission of pkg/27120: Package evolution-data-server fails to build pkg/27121: www/apache2 (2.0.52) pkg/27123: python packages not "clean"able as non-root pkg/27126: gtkspell configure script libaspell check borked
Kimmo Suominen pkg/27127: graphics/gle does not build pkg/27128: www/squid DIST_SUBDIR should not use PKGREVISION
Christopher Richards pkg/27129: xorg packages broken by rev 1.282 of pkg/27131: kermit checksum missing pkg/27132: autoconf build dies in m4sugar
Simon Burge pkg/27130: lang/tcl-expect doesn't build, trying to use @LD_FLAGS@
Simon Burge pkg/27133: transcode can't load the export_mpeg module
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/27141: chat/ircservices distfile does not exist (anywhere obvious)
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/27146: devel/elfsh bogus distfile name
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/27147: audio/musicpd bogus distfile name
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/27148: textproc/stardic bogus distfile name pkg/27149: use install on non-installed packages when targeting "replace" pkg/27150: audio/darkice breaks on build pkg/27152: "bmake configure" inserts NULL characters into Makefiles, messes up pkg/27154: mysql4-server fails to build on 1.6.2
10/06/2004 pkg/27158: pkginstall SUPPORT_FILES goes empty if too many files listed
kre@munnari.OZAU pkg/27161: security/MyPasswordSafe required distfile is not available pkg/27162: pkgsrc creates an inadequate /etc/shells if it doesn't already exist pkg/27167: graphics/imlib2 needs depency of archivers/bzip2 pkg/27169: BUILDLINK_DEPENDS problems in www/ap-dav and www/ap-perl pkg/27170: make show-depends-dirs breakage for many packages pkg/27173: ImageMagick fails to build
10/07/2004 pkg/27176: perl-thread isn't used for all p5-* packages pkg/27178: misc/kdepim3 depends now on x11/qt3-tools pkg/27181: mail/thunderbird-bin-nightly broken pkg/27193: pkgsrc/textproc/intltool dependecies..
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/27182: libtool prints strange message when installing libraries on Interix pkg/27187: make fails in /usr/pkgsrc/misc/gok pkg/27188: make fails in /usr/pkgsrc/misc/gok pkg/27191: better support for unprivileged bootstrapping of pkgsrc pkg/27192: New package: chat/sim
10/09/2004 pkg/27194: print/ghostscript cannot be built on Solaris 9 with PKGSRC_COMPILER=
Simon Burge pkg/27195: removing amanda package suggests removing the "operator" group pkg/27198: xmms-flac 1.1.0 pkg doesn't build on 2.0rc1 pkg/27199: ghostscript pkg is ancient pkg/27200: p5-Compress-Zlib broken on Darwin pkg/27203: www/mini_httpd assumes libutil exists pkg/27204: www/analog assumes glob.h exists pkg/27205: ...pkgsrc/lang/drscheme's distinfo is wrong.
chuey@shredder.happy pkg/27206: Error building gle-3.1.0nb1 pkg/27207: sysutils/amanda-common: chg-disk not working (patch supplied) pkg/27211: pkg libgcrypt fails to build on SPARC (NetBSD 2.0 RC3)
Rui Paulo pkg/27214: www/zope25-CMFPlone is outdated pkg/27215: net/ppp-mppe needs DIAGNOSTIC options kernel pkg/27216: devel/anjuta doesn"t compile (and some others pkg like devel/exctags pkg/27217: pkgsrc/devel/libtool-base does not honor $RANLIB pkg/27220: Installing gcc34 package breaks all future package builds
Martijn van Buul Re: pkg/27216: devel/anjuta doesn"t compile (and some others pkg like devel/exc pkg/27224: etherape exits on startup, resolver vs threading issues
10/12/2004 pkg/27234: audacity configure faile
iharding@destinydata pkg/27236: There is no PL/TCL package for Postgresql74 pkg/27239: mail/cyrus-imapd22 violates RFC 2822 [patch]
joern@techfak.uni-bi pkg/27240: typo in pkg cad/qcad
Rasputin pkg/27242: add ldap support to mail/exim packages pkg/27243: update req: pkgs sun-jdk14, sun-jre14 to 1.4.2_06 pkg/27245: perl dependencies should be more strict
kre@munnari.OZ.AU pkg/27238: games/tads - bad MASTER_SITES definition & need a DIST_SUBDIR pkg/27244: devel/ruby-optparse MASTER_SITES & HOMEPAGE not found. pkg/27246: fonts/arphic-ttf: update MASTER_SITE
Krüger pkg/27248: patch for net/slurm (0.3.1 -> 0.3.3) pkg/27249: privoxy fails to build under NetBSD1.6.2
Ryo HAYASAKA pkg/27250: man page of pkgclean should explicitly say "working in background" pkg/27252: biew update to stable version pkg/27253: icecast2 critical update pkg/27254: Please update fprot-workstation-bin to 4.4.7, and enable Solaris-spa
10/14/2004 pkg/27258: fails to initialize _TOOLS_HAS_GNU
10/15/2004 pkg/27261: audio/oss cannot be installed due to its version up pkg/27263: pkgsrc/textproc/dict-client fails to build pkg/27264: fam is bundled with IRIX pkg/27266: devel/elfsh has new MASTER_SITE pkg/27267: pkgsrc/devel/nbitools fails to compile on IRIX 5.3 pkg/27268: suse91_linux and vmware3 pkg/27270: New package: audio/p5-CDDB_get (Version pkg/27271: Updated the wmi pkgsrc package to version 10 pkg/27272: pkgsrc infrastructure issues for the NetBSD 1.6 rpcgen
Phil Nelson pkg/27273: Update of pkgsrc/parallel/mpi-ch to 1.2.6
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/27275: databases/sqlite build failure on Interix
iharding@destinydata pkg/27278: tiff archive problem
dholland@eecs.harvar pkg/27280: audio/mikmod ignores command-line options pkg/27282: sysutils/pv distinfo needs updating
10/18/2004 pkg/27284: pkgsrc/lang/gcc (gcc-2.95.3nb5) does not compile on NetBSD 1.5.3 use pkg/27289: Fix core dump in inputmethod/xcin package pkg/27290: New package: audio/rip (Version 1.07) pkg/27292: security/libgcrypt cannot find -lintl when building pkg/27294: arts should not depend on kde pkg/27295: gmplayer has wrong checksums for themes pkg/27296: when building gmplayer and maplyer the source is downloaded twice
charlie@rubberduck.c pkg/27293: www/ap-auth-pgsql fails to build on solaris
charlie@rubberduck.c pkg/27301: devel/php4-gettext fails with auto* magic on solaris pkg/27302: gzip-base update needs to be added to pkgsrc-2004Q3
Hauke Fath pkg/27307: net/mldonkey attemts to install what was not built - and fails
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Timo_Sch= Re: clamav-0.80 fails in curl.h
10/21/2004 pkg/27317: gcrypt.h references struct timeval without including sys/time.h pkg/27320: Update of audio/rip (trivial: change the shebang using REPLACE_PERL)
martti.kuparinen@iki pkg/27330: bash-3.0 does not compile on NetBSD 1.6.2 pkg/27340: audio/aumix: Add knob USE_GTK2 pkg/27355: teTeX-bin patch-ag has extra lines at the beginning
Brian Buhrow pkg/27358: Diffs necessary to build clamav V0.80 using the pkg built system. pkg/27364: misc/proj lacks a buildlink3 file, so other packages can't use it
10/23/2004 pkg/27369: mozilla-1.7.3 needs patch pkg/27370: mplayer depends needlessly on monstrous qt3 build pkg/27390: textproc/source-highlight breaks on build pkg/27402: lang/python20 does not find db.h pkg/27404: nut core dumps when "viewing foods"
10/24/2004 pkg/27415: graphics/dcraw out of date, uses INSTALL_DATA for man page pkg/27419: sysutils/rox contains a serious security-flaw pkg/27427: netperf does not compile on IRIX 5.3 pkg/27428: net/netcat has wrong compile target on IRIX pkg/27429: net/netname has problems installing on IRIX pkg/27431: devel/librfuncs distinfo needs updating
Rasputin pkg/27442: apache2 will not build with db4 and openldap support
juan@xtraeme.nopcode pkg/27452: devel/subversion-base fails to install pkg/27453: firefox-gtk2 installs files as root in work directory
juan@xtraeme.nopcode pkg/27455: pkgtools/pkg_chk uses a harcoded /usr/X11R6
Francois Briere pkg/27474: wm/windowmaker update 0.90.0 pkg/27478: xorg-server pkg uses XKeysymDB from /usr/X11R6, not /usr/pkg/xorg
10/26/2004 pkg/27494: GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX is not used for pkgdiff pkg/27497: pkg pkg/27514: misc/proj/ omits two lines, build fails
MORI Kouji pkg/27529: mail/libmilter break original DESCR when make pkg/27531: Evolution-2.0.2 build fails with "out of memory" error pkg/27540: MOZILLA_USE_GTK2 in /etc/mk.conf ignored
florence.henry@obspm pkg/27545: the package sun-1.5 does not work at all pkg/27553: Package created for uisp-20040311 pkg/27556: pkg_add/pkg_install problems
Geoff Wing Re: pkg/27474: wm/windowmaker update 0.90.0 pkg/27558: ocaml INSTALL_PROGRAM -> INSTALL_SCRIPT pkg/27559: x11/lablgtk INSTALL_PROGRAM->SCRIPT pkg/27562: net/mtr pkg update to ver 0.58
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/27567: www/apache2 cannot execute on Interix
10/28/2004 pkg/27589: please bump www/p5-Template-Toolkit to 1.14 pkg/27591: Please bump www/ap2-perl to 1.99.17
Carl Brewer pkg/27592: Please bump www/p5-libapreq2 to libapreq2-2.04_03-dev pkg/27596: Package created for simulavr- pkg/27605: make install for textproc/grep (pkgsrc-2004Q3) fails
Robert Mohr RE: Solution for libgcrypt-problem on sparc?
Robert Mohr RE: pkg/27531: Evolution-2.0.2 build fails with "out of memory" error
Mirko Thiesen pkg/27618: ClamAV's rc.d script needs to be changed pkg/27631: security/gpgme dies on configure pkg/27632: SSL* vars don't seem to hold in net/ntp4 pkg/27650: mysql4-client breaks on make pkg/27667: mysql4-server cannot start pkg/27668: devel/pwlib breaks on build
10/30/2004 pkg/27691: chat/bitlbee always asumes IPV6 is used pkg/27702: buildlink can mangle path for dynamic libraries (IRIX 5)
Martin Husemann pkg/27720: databases/mysql4-* does not compile