Index of pkgsrc-bugs for June, 2004

06/01/2004 pkg/25770: net-snmp still breaks on compile pkg/25771: devel/libbonobo missing dependency pkg/25772: Error building sysutils/lsof
iyoda-netbsd@atikoro pkg/25774: courier-imap (Courier Multiple Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilitie
Cesar Catrian C. pkg/25775: www/bkedit needs a modified xml2-config to link properly
Hideyuki KURASHINA pkg/25776: new package: pkgsrc/net/dtcpclient: Dynamic Tunnel Configuration
sobrado@string1.cien pkg/25779: metamail permissions are wrong / linked binaries and man pages
sobrado@string1.cien pkg/25780: HTML documentation for fetchmail should be in /usr/pkg/share/doc/htm
james0406@spoonfork. pkg/25781: URL for xipdump home page in pkgsrc stale
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/25777: pkg_info shows error message when "bmake install" on Interix
oshimaya@sc.starcat. pkg/25778: Cannot build pkgsrc/inputmethod/kinput2 pkg/25786: ...pkgsrc/archivers/freeze: main() should return {int}. pkg/25792: ngrep and FreeBSD 5.2 pkg/25793: perl install ought to create the site_perl path pkg/25794: moz-mplayer pkg is outdated and fails to work properly with mozilla/
06/03/2004 pkg/25799: firefox/mozilla linux binary depends on native gtk in NetBSD pkg/25801: problem building mail/metamail
gilbertf@netbsd-fr.o pkg/25807: gpsd 1.07 does not compile ; gcc 3.3 requires stdard instead of vara
Gilbert Fernandes pkg/25808: gpsd build failure ; include change required in netlib.c
06/04/2004 pkg/25812: joe-3.1 breaks on compile pkg/25814: checksum mismatch for misc/openoffice
nicro465@student.liu pkg/25815: mozilla-stable won't compile pkg/25820: may we please have sqwebmail-4.0.4? pkg/25821: mozilla does not build on 2.0_BETA/macppc pkg/25823: pkgsrc documentation fails to mention bmake
06/05/2004 pkg/25826: missing file in mail/mew/PLIST
Cesar Catrian C. pkg/25832: flash7-player-bin
06/06/2004 pkg/25834: libtool with -prefer-non-pic tries to create shared objects from non
Christoph_Egger@gmx. pkg/25836: update packages graphics/libgii and graphics/libggi
Martin Husemann pkg/25841: xscreensaver leaks X connections
dave@boomstick.screw pkg/25848: No package for Postfix 2.1
Rogier Krieger pkg/25850: php4-iconv faild to find libiconv (xs4) pkg/25851: devel/cvs2cl needs an update
Takahiro Kambe pkg/25845: libiconv patch for Japanese pkg/25853: textproc/opensp does not compile with gcc 3.4.0
Andreas Wiese pkg/25854: ptmx on NetBSD-current messed up BasiliskII pkg/25855: devel/SDL does not build with gcc 3.4.0 pkg/25858: audio/taglib - Improperly placed semicolon caused compilation failur pkg/25867: multimedia/xine-lib - Compilation problem with gcc-3.4
Hauke Fath pkg/25870: lang/sun-jre13 update
Hauke Fath pkg/25871: lang/sun-jdk13 update
jl+netbsd@lists.wasm pkg/25873: setlocale returns NULL when using Subversion/Chora
ole.hellqvist@spray. pkg/25878: error on build of cdrdao 1.1.8
06/09/2004 pkg/25880: devel/cpuflags makes a wrong result. pkg/25885: kadu 0.3.8 compilation error: modules
Andreas Wiese pkg/25891: statfs vs. statvfs again: e2fsprogs
ole.hellqvist@spray. pkg/25895: www/amaya do not build on amd64
06/11/2004 pkg/25900: lang/perl58-thread PLIST not working pkg/25903: lang/f2c fails to build under Linux
Christopher Richards pkg/25906: (patch) fonts/Xft2 update to 2.1.6
Christopher Richards pkg/25907: (patch) graphics/freetype2 needs -fno-strict-aliasing
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/25908: shells/bash2 doesn't understand glob characters on Interix
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/25910: net/rsync build failure on Interix pkg/25913: missing file in mail/mew/PLIST
Andreas Wiese pkg/25920: pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof build problems with NetBSD-current
C. Linus Hicks pkg/25921: x11/controlcenter patch-ab fails
06/14/2004 pkg/25923: postgresql* install locale files in root directory pkg/25926: xconq doesn't run with tcl/tk 8.4
06/15/2004 pkg/25937: in some cases screen on alpha dumps core
06/16/2004 pkg/25940: Package sysutils/lsof won't build on amd64 pkg/25947: guile is non-threaded, and guile-gtk uses glib which is
Peter Postma pkg/25948: misc/screen doesn't build on -current
hiramatu@boreas.dti. pkg/25946: shells/zsh fixes for Interix pkg/25950: html2wml man page needs a little fix pkg/25951: html2wml not found pkg/25955: libdnet breaks on compile
juan@netbsd.graffiti pkg/25964: games/frozen-bubble needs perl with threads support
juan@netbsd.graffiti pkg/25965: Missing pkgconfig files in www/mozilla* and www/firefox*
Ingolf Steinbach pkg/25969: editors/vim on 2.0 BETA m68k: conflicting struct names pkg/25975: USE_TETEX2 (mentioned in is no longer used pkg/25976: LIBWRAP_FWD (mentioned in is not used
06/20/2004 pkg/25978: pkgsrc for non-netbsd needs gpatch as part of the bootstrap
Martin Husemann pkg/25979: rxvt fails to build on -current
Christian Corti pkg/25985: Bogus patches for postfix-current pkg/25995: update www/w3m to 0.5.1 pkg/25997: xpat2 won't build pkg/25998: editors/jed stops: stropts.h: No such file or directory
Iain Hibbert pkg/26001: wm/icewm NetStatus taskbar app does not work for NetBSD (patch inclu pkg/26002: pkgsrc: php4-pgsql has a dependency problem
netbsd-install@home. pkg/26003: piewm not respecting/using GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX (patch included)
06/22/2004 pkg/26009: math/guppi fails to build/package correctly pkg/26013: Problem upgrading postfix pkg/26019: OpenOffice won't compile pkg/26020: galeon won't build (pkgsrc from yesterday)
06/23/2004 pkg/26022: USE_PKGLOCALEDIR expunge tail backslash pkg/26027: bootstrap/README references PKGDBDIR; should be PKG_DBDIR
06/24/2004 pkg/26032: firefox-gtk2 does not build on NetBSD pkg/26033: update devel/prcs to 1.3.3 pkg/26047: ctorrent-1.3.2 package created
06/25/2004 pkg/26038: update audio/rhythmbox to 0.8.5 pkg/26049: missing files in inputmethod/canna-server/PLIST pkg/26051: onyx-5.1.1 breaks on build pkg/26053: IceWM binary for 1.6.2 fails on startup
Rhialto pkg/26055: Abiword fails to compile on Alpha (64 bit issues)
m.hunkel@t-systems.c pkg/26056: pgksrc/apache/subversion packages lack dependency on libiconv pkg/26057: Update gaim to 0.79 (yahoo broke authentication, 0.79 fixes)
Andy Ball Not a Squeak!
Andy Ball Re: Not a Squeak!
Tomasz Luchowski pkg/26071: perl58 doesn't compile on Interix
Lubomir Sedlacik Re: Not a Squeak!
Srinivasa Kanduru bootstrap fails to compile in 2.0E
06/27/2004 pkg/26070: pkgsrc doesn't know about tools versions
Andy Ball Welcome message pkg/26079: gaim execs vmstat and netstat with fd 0,2 closed pkg/26081: sysutils/asapm doesn't build on 1.6.* pkg/26082: misc/uptimec updated to version 0.2p3 pkg/26085: devel/prcs breaks on build pkg/26087: ccd2iso-0.1 package created pkg/26088: nrg2iso-0.2 package created pkg/26089: comms/jpilot doesn't find des.h pkg/26091: easymenu-0.7.2 package created
Mark E. Perkins pkg/26094: pkgsrc/mail/libesmtp not finding installed pkgsrc/security/openssl-0
Klaus Klein pkg/26092: perl-5.8.4nb1 build failure on powerpc pkg/26098: Gcc toolchain guru needed for gcc3 mozilla
Rhialto pkg/26099: devel/p5-perl-headers fails to install (with pkgviews)
Rhialto pkg/26102: devel/py-cursespanel fails to find python (with pkgviews)
Rhialto pkg/26104: fonts/Xft2 wants to install gawk, even though it is already installe
Rhialto pkg/26105: x11/py-wxWindows does not find gtk/gtk.h pkg/26107: comms/snooper package doesn't work pkg/26109: buildlink3 clobbers gcc rpath on Solaris pkg/26111: graphics/gnuplot installs emacs lisp files pkg/26114: PSI crash compiling in pkgsrc-2004Q2 with NetBSD 2.0_BETA pkg/26115: SDL_mixer crash compiling in pkgsrc-2004Q2 with NetBSD 2.0_BETA pkg/26120: psi is looking for qssl in the wrong places
Rhialto pkg/26119: graphics/mng fails to configure (with pkgviews) (needed for GIMP) pkg/26125: Mozilla won't build
Rhialto pkg/26128: sysutils/nautilus does not run (some missing file) pkg/26130: update of databases/phppgadmin