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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 10:11:32AM -0400, Andy Ball wrote:
> Hello Herbert,
>     I think Petar has a good point, especially if you don't
> already have the dot matrix printer.  The up-front cost of a
> PostScript-capable laser printer is more than people are
> used to with inkjets but the running cost is just pennies
> per page, it's faster and the output looks better
> (especially for anything that includes pictures) than a dot-
> matrix will be able to manage.
> -Andy Ball

Hi Andy,
its not that a rational decision with the matrix printer. I simply got a
working Oki 3320 at a computer market--used, cheap and in a decent
condition. And I also use a lot of terminal software like vim, mutt and
all. It really has something if it zips out of this screaming thing--I
missed that after decades of smoothly designed plastic mountains and
graphical desktop setups. 
My spouse will take care of the fancier things. We hooked up my former
Samsung laser printer on her Apple iSomething (Unix for Girls ;).

These Postscript printers becoming less common, me thinks ...

herb langhans

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