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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

Hi Trebol,
yes--you get the point about the simplicity. I just gave away my Samsung
laserprinter because I had no working drivers and completely changed all
my systems to NetBSD. Toner refilling is a mess anyway and the Cups
printserver wasnt running that well (on Linux in the past).

I found Okis at the auction sites for quite low prices, sometimes by
dozen from leasing contracts and such. Just a matter of patience to get
a cheap one what is barely used.

I guess any modern matrix printer will print graphically with the
typeset of the webpages. But often the fontsize and -face is not right,
sometimes very tiny, advertisment junk in there and so on.

All I want is to use the internal typeset of such printers. This will
print much faster and is all I need. 

Years ago there were occasional business letters what had to look
nicely, but that all goes by e-mail now. Some special material, plastic
foil, big format and such goes anyway to the printshop. I really dont
want to have a laser printer anymore and buy every few years a new model
because of quality issues or discontinuation of toner or whatever.

I will read into the printcap and see how to catch a printjob before it
goes out to the printer. Lynx with the --dump option looks good. Or
convert some postscript output to text? 

Thanks for the inspiration!

On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 04:31:20AM +0100, trebol wrote:
> > Being a teacher I want to buy some cheap and relieable Oki printer
> > [...]
> Hi Herb,
> Nowadays these printers aren't cheap, take a look:
> Some  models  have  epson  and ibm emulators, and some print
> graphics too, so the installation can  not  be  complicated.
> If  you  are  going to buy a text only printer, then you can
> make a filter for lp using any of  the  text  browsers  that
> Jeremy  said,  even  using  aview to print ascii art images.
> Then set that filter in the printcap  file  as  the  default
> printer. I think with cups is easy too.
> I  like  the  simplicity  of  the ribbon, and the quality of
> these printers are good  enough  for  manuals,  reports  and
> other  things.   I've  been thinking about this for a while,
> but I don't know if it is a really cheap printing  solution.
> May  be  Hp printers with refilled cartridges or toners?  I
> know... is a mess, but if you can do it yourself  is  really
> cheap,  and  the quality is infinity best. And the neighbors
> don't kill you when you print a list at 1 am!
> Regards,
> trebol.

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