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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

Hello Herbert,

   HL> Is there some easy way to pass such a print job in a
     > way to get a simple built-in-typeset output on a
     > matrix printer?

    It may be possible but I doubt it's easy and depending
how Ghostscript renders text, it may be very slow.  By "type
-set" do you hope to use a variety of fonts on one page,
perhaps including fonts that aren't built into your printer?
Do you want bold, underline, italic, superscript etc?

   PB> I'm just saying, when looking for trouble, you're
     > better off if you make sure it's worth it. Setting up
     > a PS-BW-Laserprinter with CUPS on NetBSD will take
     > you less than an hour (especially if the printer has
     > a `perfect' rating on and be nearly
     > as reliable as a paperweight.

    I think Petar has a good point, especially if you don't
already have the dot matrix printer.  The up-front cost of a
PostScript-capable laser printer is more than people are
used to with inkjets but the running cost is just pennies
per page, it's faster and the output looks better
(especially for anything that includes pictures) than a dot-
matrix will be able to manage.

-Andy Ball

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