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Re: Websites on a Matrix Printer

> Being a teacher I want to buy some cheap and relieable Oki printer
> [...]

Hi Herb,
Nowadays these printers aren't cheap, take a look:

Some  models  have  epson  and ibm emulators, and some print
graphics too, so the installation can  not  be  complicated.
If  you  are  going to buy a text only printer, then you can
make a filter for lp using any of  the  text  browsers  that
Jeremy  said,  even  using  aview to print ascii art images.
Then set that filter in the printcap  file  as  the  default
printer. I think with cups is easy too.

I  like  the  simplicity  of  the ribbon, and the quality of
these printers are good  enough  for  manuals,  reports  and
other  things.   I've  been thinking about this for a while,
but I don't know if it is a really cheap printing  solution.
May  be  Hp printers with refilled cartridges or toners?  I
know... is a mess, but if you can do it yourself  is  really
cheap,  and  the quality is infinity best. And the neighbors
don't kill you when you print a list at 1 am!


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